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  1. parazer
    parazer El Pipiripau
    El Pipiri, Do you have TTM's info?
  2. Boavista1976
    Boavista1976 ---Z---
    Hey, Punk...
    You by any chance located in the Toronto area? If so, we can arrange a face to face meeting to "discuss" a few things, if you know what I mean.
    I think you are a loud mouth piece of shit who hides behind his computer.
    You can prove me wrong anytime. Let's arrange to meet.
  3. RiverGaucho
    RiverGaucho SupaMario
    Hey man +54 9 11 5780-0957 is my number on whats app if you wanna talk there. We should still contribute to this board, but also branch out. Hit me up either way- I'm on a plane about to land at JFK
  4. VolklP19
    VolklP19 lncolnpk
    Thats more then sockers! Which club is it
  5. Drew1830
    Drew1830 dark knight
    When is the censorship going to stop? This board should be embarrassed for the way it conducts itself when people disagree or have a differing opinion. I've been banned (apparently forever) because someone had their feelings hurt. Somehow your solution to this is to ban me. Typical.
    1. Drew1830
      How do you do it? How do you get up everyday with the intent to silence people and use what little authority that you have to make yourself feel like an important person?
      Jun 15, 2017
    2. Drew1830
      I demand to see the rules that state that being a "jerk" according to one moderator is grounds for banishment.
      Jun 15, 2017
  6. Don Boppero 3000
    Don Boppero 3000 guado
    US open cup!

    1. guado
      It's legit out here bops
      Jun 15, 2017
  7. Upper Ninety
    Upper Ninety speker
    Hey Speker! Don just mailed me saying he was trying to email you, but your email was not working? Just wanting to pass the message over.
  8. SportingKCFan
    SportingKCFan Soccer7947
    I have a Cauldron ticket that I can send you via SeatGeek if you give me your email.
  9. revsfan44
    revsfan44 rkupp
    Do you still have a ticket for tonights USOC match?
  10. NHRef
    NHRef La Rikardo
    I might be able to help you on the web development, depending what you need. I have extensive background in web applications using java and .NET and a decent amount in HTML, CSS and Drupal for Web Sites.

    Due to my job I can't do any work for you, but can give you advice if that helps.
  11. 1800-WorldCup
  12. dapip
    dapip dark knight
  13. T10Tobi
    T10Tobi Corkin23
    Hi, just saw that u got some glitch codes. Maybe you have an possibility to offer me an inner shoe in 9.5 ? Livin in Germany thats why i Need to ask u ;)
  14. ussoccer97531
    ussoccer97531 Gilma1990
    Thats not me. That guy's the "Wondo" troll. But if you want to help me out, start a new Mexico vs. USA thread, and then I'll be back to posting there. I'll be banned on my real account if I get caught making a fake account. Don't want that happening.
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    2. JJV1994
      I'll start it.
      Jun 11, 2017
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    3. ussoccer97531
      Thanks. I would appreciate it, I'd like to post there again, but don't want to risk my account. There are a bunch of candidates in that thread who would love to report me for a fake account, and get my real account suspended.
      Jun 11, 2017
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  15. Deeneaus
    REALSANJOSE msilverstein47
    No. I can only speak from personal experience.
    1. msilverstein47
      fair enough and I trust your personal experience...but if you google his name under stock securities's all out there. He's done some very questionable things.
      Jun 8, 2017
    REALSANJOSE msilverstein47
    That comment about Yan is kind of rough. He is a hard working soccer guy from my experience.
    1. msilverstein47
      you know about his illegal penny stock days??? and the folks who got burned in his scam???
      Jun 8, 2017
  18. ussoccer97531
    1. Overachiever
      And ? We still have Alvarez who is better .........he'll be back lol
      Jun 7, 2017
    2. ussoccer97531
      He might join Llanez. I think these players are starting to see that we are much better.
      Jun 7, 2017
    3. Overachiever
      Yeah right, keep telling yourself that buddy lol
      Jun 8, 2017
  19. S1na
  20. jdmahoney
    jdmahoney threeputzzz
    Which club is your local club?
  21. zahzah
    zahzah MassachusettsRef
  22. VasilisL7
    VasilisL7 breitner
    I sell the 3.11.1982 Olympiacos Piraeus vs Hamburg=0-4 full game with greek description
    The price is 100,00€ in bank account
  23. meringues
    RIP Cheick Tiote
  24. Rohan Mazumder
  25. Soccergodlss