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  1. Phil_MN
    Excited For First World Cup Experience!
  2. Samka
    Samka popularside
    Hey! Id love to buy your Russia-Saudi Arabia ticket if you're selling!:)
  3. Gustavo Jose
    Gustavo Jose Stu_Lee
    Hey man... Everything alright? I replied to your post about some tickets. I've got

    CAT 3 for Match 54 - 1G v 2H - Rostov-on-Don
    CAT 1 for Match 59 - W51 v W52 - Sochi

    If you're interested, let me know.
  4. vlad1973
    vlad1973 guanchengcheng
    Please write to me on e-mail
    Is it possible to exchange matches?
  5. Samka
    Samka popularside
    Hey! Would you consider selling your Russia-Saudi Arabia ticket or you only want to swap?
  6. JF1903
    JF1903 Samka
    Hi Samka,

    Appreciate that you are looking to trade your Germany v México tickets, but I’d be very keen to buy these if you are unsuccessful and haven’t already found a buyer!

    Are you in the UK?
    1. Samka
      I'm in France!

      so far no "swapper" yet, so you may very well end up having it:)
      Jan 18, 2018 at 9:58 AM
      JF1903 repped this.
  7. Andrei Zeve
    Andrei Zeve Ilikeukrainefootball
    Please send me your list with the games that you need
    mail :
  8. Andrei Zeve
    Andrei Zeve emilios
    I can help you with UAE Gulf League of this season. I have the games in HD and some of them in FULL HD.
    e-mail me on:
  9. Andrei Zeve
    Andrei Zeve leadleader
    Did you manage to get PSG vs. Troyes (4-0) 2012/2013 ?
  10. Andrei Zeve
    Andrei Zeve Sadija Mehmedovic
    Did you manage to get Albania-Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2?
  11. Samka
    Hey! all tickets are at face value:)
  12. kopite1892
    kopite1892 Samka
    Hey mate, how much for your CAT 2 Germany-Mexico?
    1. Samka
      Face value! so USD165.
      Jan 16, 2018 at 5:01 PM
    2. kopite1892
      Sounds good mate
      Jan 18, 2018 at 4:38 AM
    3. kopite1892
      Will you be in Moscow?
      Jan 18, 2018 at 4:39 AM
  13. Centauro del Norte
  14. Buddy98
    Buddy98 skipper60601
    [QUOTE="skipper60601, post: 36224387, member: 66987"]
    Friday 1/12 Ontario Fury at Turlock Express

    Skipper, who do you predict between these two teams?
  15. Buddy98
    Buddy98 pollmonster
    [QUOTE="pollmonster, post: 36217223, member: 182716"]Knights

    Who do you predict for Friday 1/12

    Soles de Sonora at El Paso Coyotes.
  16. afar
    afar Bada Bing
    Bada Bing, can you tell me how many assists does Messi have for Argentina?

    Can you list the games where he had an assist?

    Do you know how many assists does Cristiano have for Portugal?
  17. rafaelrr
    rafaelrr SimoAmi
    Hi, I have tickets for Morocco vs Iran to sell. Do you want?
  18. LongTimeQuakesFan'74
    Quality goes in, before the name goes on...
  19. Sadija Mehmedovic
    Sadija Mehmedovic IRON13
    Hello...senden to me your list to
  20. Sadija Mehmedovic
    Sadija Mehmedovic Iranian Monitor
    Hello...are you have list of national team-Iran..i collect game of Bosnia and Herzegovina...Bosnia play many time with Iran...Thank you i waiting your decide to e-mail
  21. VasilisL7
    VasilisL7 Matti53
    I sell these games:

    Olympiacos Piraeus -Osmanlispor 1280*720 => Polish description
    Osmanlispor-Olympiacos Piraeus 1280*720 => Greek description

    Are you intersted?
    1. Matti53
      I have those games, but thank you.
      Jan 16, 2018 at 8:21 AM
  22. VasilisL7
    VasilisL7 Yetty77
    I have with Greek description these games:

    2007-08 Chelsea - Olympiacos in 576*432

    2009-10 Olympiacos - Bordeaux in 576*432

    Are you interesting?
  23. 23ninety
    The Boot Zone
  24. LouisZ
  25. LouisZ
    LouisZ Ceres
    I started to watch in Netflix the series The Crown, I highly recommend it.