Champions League Group Stages Kick-Off: Chelsea, Barcelona and Man City Tickets Hot

In the wake of the opening week of the Champions League group stages, there’s a lot we could be talking about, ranging from Barcelona’s unlikely draw in Rome to Arsenal and Manchester United’s losses against Zagreb and PSV; not to mention the inevitable beatdown of Real Madrid and Chelsea’s opponents, Mourinho’s sly comments towards Wenger during the aftermath, injuries… the list could go on. Instead, we’ll see which team had better numbers at the box-office by taking a look at sales data from international reselling platform Ticketbis.     


According to, the most sought-after matchup was Chelsea vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv, with 14 percent of sales for the group stages of the Championship. Mourinho’s side managed to beat the Israeli team, winning 4 - 0 at Stamford Bridge with goals from three Brazilians, Willian, Oscar, Diego Costa and the Spaniard Cesc Fabregas.


The Roma vs. Barcelona came in second with 12.3 percent of sales for this stage of the championship. Luis Suarez scored a header in the 21st minute and just 10 minutes later, a fantastic goal was scored by Roma’s Alessandro Florenzi, who spotted Stegen outside the box and from midfield, sent the ball flying into the goal in impressive fashion. The results were disappointing for Barca fans, but coming out with a draw against one of Serie A’s top teams in Italy is not necessarily a bad result. The defending champs will need to measure up against the tough German side, Bayer Leverkusen, on Tuesday if they wish to stay in the running.


Man City vs. Juventus, another matchup which stands out among the bunch, accounted for 7.2 percent of Ticketbis’ sales. The Italian side came out on top in the end with two goals by Mandzukic and Morata versus one from Chiellini.


Matches to watch out for in the next round of the group stages taking place next week include Atletico Madrid vs. Benfica, Porto vs. Chelsea, and  Juventus vs. Sevilla.