U.S Fan pays $35,000 for 4 tickets to Champions League Final

The moment all soccer fans around the world have been waiting for is finally here. The very anticipated final of the most prestigious club soccer competition will take place tomorrow between two European giants, FC Barcelona and Juventus.


The world’s best player, and three-time Ballon D’Or winner Lionel Messi will confront fellow Argentine veteran Carlos Tevez and the powerful accuracy of Paul Pogba at the famous Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany. And he won’t be doing it alone, with the likes of Neymar, Luis Suarez, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Piqué at his side to fight for their fourth Champions League title and second treble win.  Both teams have finished first in their respective leagues and despite Barca being the favorite, Juve will also be fighting for a treble of their own.


With the buzz surrounding tomorrow’s final, it’s arguably Europe’s most sought-after sporting event of the year and certainly one of the most difficult to get tickets for meaning prices on the secondary market are incredibly high. Global secondary ticketing platform, Ticketbis, claim that one user coming from the U.S purchased 4 VIP tickets for a total of 30,683 euros ($34,517) - that’s more than $8,600 per ticket. The platform has also registered several other grand scale purchases coming from countries such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Andorra and Switzerland. 


Prices on the secondary market for tickets to the Champions Barca vs Juve final are starting at $1,773. Ander Michelena , CEO and co-founder of Ticketbis explains: "The high prices set by the sellers are dictated by the strong demand for tickets which we’re registering both at a national and international scale."


In addition, it’s interesting to note that excluding the host country (Germany) and two finalist countries (Spain and Italy), 71.3% of ticket purchases are coming from abroad giving way not only to one of the most sought-after sporting events of the year after Pacquiao Mayweather, but also one of the most diverse and international.