Mexpats to the Gold Cup

Credible sources in Europe are stating that the majority of Mexico's foreign legion will be playing in this summer's Gold Cup.  The news is, frankly, not surprising. 

We talked about this a few weeks ago.   There are a few Mexpats whose careers would benefit from playing Copa America.  Two if those guys were not mentioned in the above tweets:  Memo Ochoa and Diego Reyes.

Memo has had a forgettable year on Malaga's bench.  He will be tested a lot more at Copa America than Gold Cup, but more importantly, his pre-season with a possible new team (or even Malaga) should not be truncated like it was last summer, which, as it turns out, cost him quite a bit.

Diego Reyes has been unable to crack Porto's first team and was then unfairly scapegoated by his coach after Porto gave up a flurry of goals in their Champions League tilt against Bayern Munich.  The walking stick thin defender looked good in his two friendly matches in March.  And even a Diego Reyes with limited playing time would be an upgrade to the shakiest position on Mexico's National team.

The two surprises on the possible Gold Cup roster shouldn't be when one considers their quality.  Jonathan Dos Santos has had a sensational year for Villarreal's midfield.  He has the versatility and the elegance to play as the holding midfielder or in an outside position.  As much as like Leon's JJ "Gallito" Vazquez, his green-bellied ones have had a horrible year.  Gallito got sucked into the undertow and has yet to come out.  Jona has done plenty to deserve a shot.  Piojo should give it to him.

The other surprise is Carlos Vela. 

Again, no one doubts his quality.  But why now?  Are Vela and the FMF going to act as if the last 4 years never happened?  It appears to be so.  Neither party has come clean as to why they were in a snit, what caused it, when it started, who it was about, etc.    I had a conversation with Mexican Soccer Show host Wiso Vazquez a few weeks ago after some 'Cue in San Antonio.  He seemed to think, and I agree, that both parties decided to "separate" for the 2014 cycle, for whatever reason. 

And we will never know the real truth.

Vela is starting to come back from a torn meniscus injury, which was preceded by a plantar fasciitis issue to start the year.  Nevertheless, with the late start in this year's Gold Cup, Vela should be fully recovered to resume the partnership with Javier Hernandez that sparkled in Amsterdam last fall.

There were other names that were not mentioned as well.  Raul Jimenez will likely play Copa America so that he too can have a full pre-season with the Colchoneros.  And then there is the Wild Card:  Jesus "tecatito" Corona, The Twente man who is rumored to be headed to PSV.   Piojo will have to decide if he will be better suited to be the instant offense "super sub" in the Gold Cup, or garner more experience as a starter in Copa America.