Jailbird Jack and Other Really Really Fun Stuff

Herewith a photo of the place where Jack Warner woke up this morning, Golden Grove prison in Port of Spain Trinidad:

Unfortunately he'll be back home soon, if his quartet of high priced attorneys have anything to say about it. Hopefully there's a US Department of Corrections cell in his future. I personally plan on mailing him a cake with a file in it. And stamps. Prisoners can trade stamps for, like, cigarettes and gum and condoms I understand.

I wonder what it's like to know that your two sons, the kids you gave everything to and tried to set up as the heirs to your criminal empire are singing like mockingbirds to the FBI.

It's probably worth noting that while we see the bail amount listed as "$2.5 million", that's T&T dollars. In the currency Jack prefers - US hundred dollar bills - it comes to around $365,000.

It's also worthy of mention that you couldn't have scripted this much better. Newly sworn in US Attorney General Loretta Lynch came to her new job from the Eastern District of New York where she has been the lead prosecutor on the FIFA case since it's inception. They didn't just trot her out for some camera time after a quick briefing on the facts - this is her baby and any briefing involved was probably conducted by her.

There isn't another chief law enforcement officer anywhere in the world who has a deeper and more intimate knowledge of how FIFA works than.she does.

Even more interestingly for us, however, is what it's like for Sepp Blatter, sitting in whatever Zurich palace he selected for a coronation week which has turned sour in a hurry, knowing that his old pal Jack, who most assuredly does know exactly where one hell of a lot of bodies are buried, is about to find himself locked in a room with one of Lynch's people, someone fully empowered to arrange a way for the 72 year old Warner to avoid dying in prison in return for a big pile of dirt on the guy who Lynch clearly wants most of all:

His old partner Seppy.

Happier Days: Sepp and two old friends who ate breakfast in the prison cafeteria this morning.

Happier Days: Sepp and two old friends who ate breakfast in the prison cafeteria this morning.

Some people might find it embarrassing that the last two Presidents of CONCACAF are currently under arrest for massive corruption but, to me, it's a point of pride. Everybody knows these guys are not unique; world soccer has hundreds of thieves just like them.

The difference is that our crooks are going to prison and I couldn't be prouder. All the other crooks are walking around Zurich this morning sampling the local pastries, and that's somebody else's shame, not ours.

It's also worth noting that Sunil Gulati and the USSF was the only FIFA entity outside of Europe which chose to oppose SeppBlatter's re-election.

The only one.

Maybe Sunil caught a whiff of what was coming. Maybe it was strictly principle. Maybe it was out of anger over the way Blatter sat by and let Qatar buy the 2022 World Cup like a fancy chair or a goat.

Doesn't matter. What matters is that Sunil is one of the few people over there who can hold his head up high this morning. I'm betting he slept fine.