T&T Attorney General Issues Arrest Warrant forJack Warner *RE-UPDATE: Warner to Spend the Night in Jail

Re-update: It just keeps getting better today. According to Power102 FM in Port of Spain T&T - "Radio you can watch" - Warner did appear before Magistrate Marcia Ayers this afternoon and did in fact post a whopping $2.5million bail but the Court was unable to process the paperwork before the close of business.

As a result,Uncle Jack will spend the night in a cell at Golden Grove prison.

He was charged with 12 offenses, among them counts of scheme, two counts of conspiring to using wire and radio and television, one count of transporting a monetary instrument and conspiracy to obtain money under false pretenses..

The last being pretty much the story of his life.

Warner was represented in court by a total of four high priced attorneys.

Update: The Attorney General of Trinidad & Tobago told the local media that Jack Warner surrendered to authorities this afternoon. He was subsequently released after posting $2.5 million in bail and surrendering his passport.

As if he could go anywhere on Earth.

The AG, Garvin Nicholas, told reporters that DoJ officials came to his office this morning and asked for Warner's arrest in person. He says they are still there, and hope to bring Warner's ass back to the US immediately.

Mine eyes have seen the glory.

The AG for Trinidad & Tobago, telling reporters that he has been working with US authorities on the Warner case for about a year now, has issued an arrest warrant for former CONCACAF President and FIFA Power Broker Jack Warner.at the request of the US Department of Justice and will commence extradition procedures immediately.

"Mr. Warner is entitled to a fair extradition process and both the requesting and requested States intend to abide by the provisions of the treaty to ensure that Mr. Warner's rights are respected"

Late last night, when the news from Zurich began to break, Warner told a local TV station that US authorities "know where to find me".

Obviously he was right.