Match Week Two - MLS 2015

Match Week Two is upon us MLSFan with eight games on the schedule.  Some worth your time, some not, but nevertheless, on with the show...

Friday - March 13:

Orlando City at Houston Dynamo - 7:00 PM ET - Unimas

Orlando comes off a draw & Houston off a win - while Unimas and at least two major cable providers, a bad loss.  Only about half the cable providers were able to make the SAP feed work, resulting in #SAPGate and while that was bad enough for me to watch LA's rust get shaken off with a second half demolition of Chicago - those that did manage to get the English SAP feed from Unimas were treated to an auditory assault & battery by some guy with an accent and Paul Caliguri.  But enough about how I spent my Friday night. 

Hopefully the SAP broadcast will work and hopefully Paul Caliguri has been replaced by a couple of alley cats fighting.  Houston at home will be difficult, but Orlando should have enough skill to overcome with Kaka pushing the Lions for their first win. 

Saturday - March 14:

Vancouver at Chicago Fire - 6:00 PM ET - MLS Live / Direct Kick
Toronto at Columbus - 7:30 PM ET
- MLS Live / Direct Kick
Kansas City at Dallas - 8:30 PM ET - MLS Live / Direct Kick
Philadelphia Union at Real Salt Lake - 9:30 PM ET - MLS Live / Direct Kick
San Jose at Seattle Sounders - 10:00 PM ET - MLS Live / Direct Kick

If you didn't already know, yes I am an unabashed Chicago Fire fan, since team's inception, but the product, aside from taking over/under bets on how many saves Sean Johnson will make before letting in one or two, is unwatchable.  Nothing Frank Yallop has done in his two seasons has or will improve this disaster and even worse, Andrew Hauptman's ownership is grinding the club and it's supporters into a fine grey powder.  Watch only if you are a Vancouver fan or you enjoy watching Chicago run through a wood planer.  I haven't decided yet. 

Toronto at Columbus - Something, something, is the Trillium Cup still a thing?  Toronto will continue to gel thanks to a lot of money and mildly competent coaching - TFC 2 - 0 Columbus - Should be worth watching.

Sporting Kansas City wasn't exactly impressive on the finishing side, especially with Dom Dwyer stinking up the joint. FC Dallas probably doesn't have their shooting boots fully laced yet, but with have enough defense to hold off SKC for the 0 - 0 or another win at the death like they got through Blas Perez. Watchable.

Philly, if you couldn't put the Rapids in their place with an early season goose egg for points, I don't see you doing anything against Salt Lake in Rio Tinto. More like you head back to Philadelphia with your first 2-0 loss of the season. Barely watchable, only because RSL will have a couple of entertaining goals.

Earthquakes at Seattle Sounders - This would be very watchable for me if I thought the Goonies had a snowball's chance in Hell to beat Seattle, because I am venal, petty, and shallow and I hate the Sounders and their fans and love to watch them lose.  But that's not happening this week.  No, this week will be a bloodbath and Seattle could hang four or five on San Jose depending on how motivated they are.  Unwatchable for me - Your mileage may vary.

Sunday - March 15:

New England Revolution at New York City FC - 5:00 PM ET - ESPN2
Los Angeles at Portland - 7:00 PM ET - Fox Sports 1

Revolution at NYCFC at Yankee Stadium.  We'll get to see the Revs stink up Yankee Stadium on National TV, which along with putting many thousands of soccer fans in Yankee Stadium makes this probably the match of the week. Get ready for the whine from BaseballFan & BaseballPundit alike - their tears will be sweet to temper the NYCFC fans hangover after they deliver their first club win 2-0 in front of their home fans. 

With the Galaxy at Portland, I expect nothing less than end to end action, lots of atmosphere and poor finishing by a still rusty LA and a Portland Timbers team that has an ax & beard fetish problem manifested in it's fanbase.  LA will manage to escape with all 3 points on a late goal.  The real winners will be the fans who will be treated to Fox Sports finally having had to up their production game to match ESPN & NBC.  Sure there was a time when you could claim to be America's soccer channel and still have the "Boom goes the Dynamite" kid beating you up on his blog over your production values, but those times are gone and so is Fox Soccer Channel.  Thank God!

And as always, if you happen to be stuck unable to view, or want to enjoy the sorrow of your fellow fans,  join us in the BigSoccer Week 2 MLS PBP Thread.  It's always fun.