Did Chivas turn a Corner?

Chivas did something unexpected last Saturday.  Of course, winning is an unexpected result, otherwise they wouldn't be in the relegation fight.  But it was the way they did it:  2 late goals and a comeback.  Whoda thunk it?

Does this mean that Chivas has (finally) turned the corner?  Let's not get too ahead of ourselves.  Chivas has not won 2 games in a row since February of last year.  But it is certainly encouraging for Chivas fans for the team to show a little character, which has been absent for the better of the decade - at all levels of the club.  Owner Jorge Vergara will probably keep a low profile for the next few months now that he has dispatched ravens to all corners of the realm to gauge any interest in the possible sale of the club.  

Normally relegation fights are all about survival.  Hanging on for ugly draws, getting the occasional win, and the hope that the multitude of defeats don't affect the goal differential too much.  Percentage fights are way different.  Veracruz has yet to lose in the Clausura and are threatening to become more than just schedule filler.  Puebla has also had their moments, and are making sure Chivas have no room for error.  All three teams are in the liguilla zone after 7 games. They are winning,  Luckily for all three of them,  Leones Negros have not been able to capitalize on their smaller coefficient in the percentages.  They need at least 15 points in the next 10 games to stay alive.  

Even if Chivas survives this year, chances are still pretty good that they will be in the relegation fight again next year -- 3-years of bad results means the three year percentage will still be off-putting.  And then there is the little problem of Chepo's predictability.  If they haven't done so already, teams will figure out how to frustrate Chivas.  Scoring droughts will likely ensue - which makes it harder to lock up points 3 at a time.  The chiverio has had enough, but the end is finally in sight.  2 seasons of dealing with this will harden any side.  And if Vergara sells off the team, then even better.  Fans will be treated to a team that will play with a massive chip on their shoulder, and will do so without the burden of a whimsical owner who liked to make changes just because. 

They can finally get back to business of winning trophies.  You remember what those are, right Chivas fans?  I mean, we just saw a Mexican guy collect as many trophies in 30 minutes as Chivas has in the past 30 years.