FIFA Suspends Blatter - "Provisionally"; UPDATE: Decision on Friday

The BBC is reporting that FIFA's Ethics Committee has voted to "provisionally suspend" President Sepp Blatter for a period of 90 days pending further investigation. Well, perhaps.

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We have to be a little careful here since reports earlier today said that while the "Investigatory Chamber" had recommended a suspension for the 79 year old Blatter, the head of the adjudicatory chamber, German judge Joachim Eckert, had yet to make a final decision. 

EDIT: FIFA Ethics Chair Eckart will announce his decision on Friday in Zurich.

Both chambers are meeting in Zurich this week - they're scheduled to continue until Friday - and have been assumed to be considering the cases of both Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, but Ethics proceedings are strictly confidential so no one knows for certain.

Someone named Klaus Stohlker, who is reportedly a "freind" of Blatter's (astonishing that anyone is still willing to claim that distinction) told Press Association Sport on Wednesday night:

"I have spoken to Mr Blatter three minutes ago. He is still the president, he is going into his office in FIFA tomorrow. These are times of trouble for him of course but he is feeling strong and confident.

"There is no suspension active. President Blatter was told he could be suspended for 90 days."

"The first floor [investigatory chamber] has taken the decision today - they have taken the decision. That's why the second [adjudicatory chamber] needs to take the decision. We do not know when that second decision will be taken."

He later told The Guardian:

"President Blatter has not flown away from his throne but is still in power. It's a very difficult situation. It's not good for global football."


Meanwhile, no word on Platini, but it's almost impossible to believe that Eckart would suspend Blatter and not suspend the UEFA boss, who says he does not have to explain himself to you so tough titties:

UEFA head of communications Pedro Pinto, speaking in London at the Leaders in Sport business summit today, said:

"The president (Platini) currently feels that he has given satisfactory explanations to the authorities that are dealing with this case.

"Publicly, he feels there is nothing else to add because he feels he has does nothing wrong and therefore does not need to justify himself publicly at the moment."

Which is pretty much what Jack Warner has been saying all along as well and that's not working out so hot for him.

Not that Platini has a US jail cell waiting for him of course, but a suspension would doom his chances of passing the Ethics Committee which he needs to pass in oder to get elected to replace his old pal Sepp.

Celebration of these developments will need to be tempered by the fact that if Blatter gets the boot, his replacement by statute is the foulest greedbag thug this side of Warner: CAF President Issa Hayatou.