On to the Quarters

Before we head to the quarters, a few thoughts on the Round of 16.

There are good teams, and there are great teams.  Sometimes a good team catches the great team on an off day.  And even in that circumstance, the good teams still have to play a nearly perfect game. Above all, they cannot flinch because somehow, some way, the great teams will make you pay.  Tough lessons for Chile, Mexico, Algeria, Nigeria and Switzerland.

Rafa Marquez’ big toe has superhuman strength and speed.  I know this because momentum = mass x velocity.  How else can you explain the ferociousness of Arjen Robben’s spectacular fall?  Is there something I am missing?

Colombia is playing the beautiful game on the pitch and dancing off of it.  And how strong they would be if el Tigre was healthy?

Nike’s riskeverything cartoon is down to two active players – Neymar and Luiz.  Advantage Colombia.

Apparently CONCACAF is now Goalkeeper U.

Nothing against Greece, but thank goodness they did not make the quarterfinals. 

My new Favorite player?  Algeria’s Abdelmoumene Djabou.  What a great last name. 

Thrilled for Didier Deschamps, but is France even happy to be winning?  Their low key celebrating reads more like they are apologizing for their last 8 years.

Messi has been a pleasure to watch.  Just ask his teammates.  They have been watching him the whole tournament. 


Belgium is going to be scary good for the next couple of Euro and World Cup cycles.

Mexico was down in the scoreboard a grand total of 3 minutes the whole tournament.

Bizarre, isn’t it, in a World Cup held in Brazil, that the hosts are playing the furthest thing from jogo bonito.  Brasil 70, or Brasil 82 they ain’t.  Maybe the upcoming tilt with the Cumbia kings will inspire them.

All, the heart, fighting spirit and determination talk aside, the US was badly outplayed in three of their four matches in Brazil.

To think that Ricardo Lavolpe walked away from Costa Rica.  What’s more shocking is that he isn’t on a media tour trying to take all the credit.

Don’t get too comfortable in your lofty perch, Miroslav.  It won’t be long before Thomas Muller break your record.

How deep into the coffers will Real Madrid have to dig to sign James?

In what has been a thrilling World Cup, so far, why do I have the unshakeable feeling that we are headed for a Brazil-Argentina final when the tournament deserves Holland-Colombia