It's Piojo's World...

SEATTLE - Miguel Herrera wants you to know that he did not appreciate what the Bosnian coaching staff did Tuesday night before BIV knocked off his Mexican counterparts, 1-0 at Chicago's Soldier Field.  The exact word he used was Marranadas (loosely translated pig-like, but a more appropriate comparision would be dirty play). Just ask him.

The Bosnian coach, Safet Sušić,  changed his line-up before the game started.  No big deal, right.  It's just a friendly.  Well, Herrera reacted as if the Sušić peed in his bottle of Jarritos. At first, I heard the Mexican coach say it in a post game interview with Univision.  He did the same for Mexican TV, and the post-game presser, and capped of the evening using the same language on his always entertaining Twitter Feed.

Obviously, Herrera was making a huge deal out of nothing, and I can almost understand (although not agree with) his reaction immediately after the match.  But  pressing the issue as much as he did got me thinking. 

Was this a calculated move?

When Piojo took over at Club America, one of the two Liga MX flagships, he would be successful because he loves the spotlight.  And by basking in it,  the press eats it up.  As he soaks up all the attention, he deflects it off his players.  It worked at The Mexico City club, as they won their first championship in nearly 10 years.  And he is hoping it can work in Brazil. The chatter surrounding the Mexican team the last few days has been a heavy dose of Piojo.  

And not much about the players.  

On the other hand, it could be that Piojo is an unapologetic attention whore.   Probably a little of both.

After his press conference,  at Foxboro, he did manage to take the time to pose for a photo with one if the stadium workers.



He would do anything for his adoring fans. Just ask him.