I Got Nothin'

So, just like Landon Donovan, I find myself homebound during the World Cup for the first time since 1998. It's killing me. As a distraction I decided to start writing again. I blogged from Korea for SoccerTimes and from Germany and South Africa here on BigSoccer. How hard could it be when I'm at home, getting plenty of sleep, not traveling every day?

Pretty damn hard it turns out.

I've watched all eleven games so far and I've got nothing. I'm spent. Too many goals, too many comebacks. No ties. I need someone other than Taylor Twellman, Alexi Lalas, or Enrique Bermudez to tell me what to think. My bracket "Dignity Battalion" in John Jagou's challenge is in smoking ruins.

I'm just filling time here until Dan Loney breaks down Tim Cavanaugh's latest screed.

While I decompress from four days of unbelievable soccer, feel free to mock me for my picks, but only if you show us yours.