Miguel Herrera - Media Savant

piojo monster Miguel "Piojo" Herrera likes being on TV. On the radio. On twitter. On facebook. A lot. Luckily for him, he is pretty good at it. For now. The wolves haven't picked up on his scent just yet. Which is surprising really because he has been everywhere and he has been honest.

And entertaining. He might be one of the few coaches who actually like the press junkets.

Piojo was on this side of the border fence last week to discuss the first of Mexico's contractually obligated friendlies in the US. He was at the Alamodome, where the Tri will face South Korea at the end of January. He was also on national radio, local radio, on local TV, national TV, there were some internet only hits, he recorded an album (it drops next Tuesday), wrote a book, and attended the Golden Globes. Sure, like any other man in his position, Piojo is fluent in coachspeak, but some of his answers have been refreshing, particularly about some of the players that he has at his disposal.

When it comes to l'affaire Vela, Piojo has been acting like a doting father. The Mexico coach has gone out of his way to praise the Real Sociedad star in every interview and press conference he has offered. He has even called Vela the best Mexican player in Europe. He even posted a video joking about getting Vela "on the boat." It is too early to tell if the "catch flies with honey" approach will work.

When it comes to the media, social and otherwise, Herrera embraces it while Chepo found it repugnant. He has taken to twitter to ask fans questions and post photos. Last week alone, Herrera was so overexposed, one would have thought he was Peyton Manning or Sofia Vergara or the Black-eyed Peas.

Unfortunately for Piojo, games are not won with talking heads, funny tweets, or cute selfies on facebook. The reality facing the Mexico coach is that he has yet to coach a game with a full squad, and will only get one chance in March before he settles on his final 23 man roster. He is a player's coach and a master motivator, so a tight-knit group and jovial atmosphere are to be expected. Will it be enough?

Who knows? But we can count on one thing: Herrera is going to let us know all about it. On any and all outlets he can find.