FMF Showing Their True Colors

SOMEWHERE OVER SOUTH CAROLINA - Anyone who follows Mexican soccer should not find the strong rumors that emerged today surprising at all. It is always plan A, B, and C for solving any adverse situation. Of course, I am talking about replacing coaches. It is what they do. In an 18 team league, it is very common to see a dozen teams make the change. So why should the national team be any different?

For those who have not been following, let me catch you up. Victor Manuel Vucetich was brought in to salvage Mexico’s world cup campaign. Did Mexico play better under King Midas? Not really. Was anyone surprised of this breaking news? Apparently a lot of people. Is Mexico still alive? Barely, but yes they are, thanks to a couple of miracle results. Isn’t that what is most important.

Those folks were expecting Vucetich to unravel a tightly wound downward spiral overnight, after just a few practices and 0 prep games. But why would that matter to stake holders who are staring down the barrels of a potential 9 figure loss of revenue? They are desperate for results, miracles or not. The only recourse they have ever shown for their club side is to make a change at the head coach position.

There are some reports that Vucetich’s contract was only for the last two games of the hex. If that is the case, then he and his agent made an unfathomable calculation. If Vucetich is not the savior, then who steps in.

The coach who has allegedly been anointed the white knight is Club America’s Miguel Herrera. Moreover, the club’s head of team operations, Ricardo Pelaez, has been rumored to also be on his horse galloping toward town, hat in hand, ready to save the day.

If Pelaez does come in with Herrera, that might be the best decision the FMF has made in 2013. He would assume the responsibilities of The National Team Director. A position that should be filled by a guy whose career should include some kind of success on the pitch, not just the how many deals he has closed.

But isn’t that always been the case with FMF? The bottom line has always been what drives them, not the trophy case. Don’t believe me? After Argentina booted Mexico out of Germany06, the first commercial that aired after the game was over was for the official diarrhea medicine of the Mexican National Team. Who has two thumbs and wants their national team to be associated with the squirts?

I have nothing against sales and marketing; I work in television. Sponsors help me make a living. As far as the FMF, though, those sponsors were promised a great deal of exposure and a massive platform for their message between now and next summer. And with that in jeopardy, the panic has been elevated to defcon 1. Whom do you think the FMF is going to feel the worst for if Mexico doesn’t make the World Cup? The sponsors or the fans?

Perhaps the FMF should look into finding someone who willing to be the official anti-depressant of the FMF. Don't let a crisis go to waste