San Raul de Villacoapa

Mexico's World Cup chances were teetering on extinction. Another flat performance at home, especially in the 2nd half, allowed Panama to equalize Oribe Peralta's 40th minute opener. Miguel Tejada scored in the 81st minute for Panama, who have been a jagged chunk of shrapnel in Mexico's gut for the better part of the year. 1-1 favored Panama in a big way. They finish at home to the US while Mexico ends their hex in Costa Rica. Mexico had to win, and win by more goals than any Panamanian win over the yanks. Mexico's World Cup hopes were all but over.

And then it happened.

After only being on the pitch for less than 2 minutes, Club America striker, Raul Jimenez, did this...

Mexico still has a long way to go before they make it to Brazil, and frankly, they still have yet to prove that they are a side that is even worthy of the honor of playing in a world cup. 1 win in 5 games at the Azteca puts Mexico right where they should be right now: on the outside looking in.

But if Mexico manages to clear the extra hurdles they have placed in front of themselves, fans will look back to the night Raul Jimenez saved Mexico's campaign. "I didn't think about it. I had to strike it like that. Fortunately it was a goal."

The biggest goal of his life, and one that joins goals scored by Carlos Alberto, Manuel Negrete, and D10s at one of soccer's most hallowed grounds.