Fight the Qatar World Cup - and an apology

The stadium sites are simply where four thousand migrant workers have died so far.  I'm sure every one of them were given dignified, respectful burials.  And I'm sure the same will be true of the workers who die during the next nine years. I wish I could get away with deleting the post in its entirety, but this was the part that I'm, deservedly, getting slammed for.  I wish I could run from it, but I can't.  This was a very serious topic that I completely bungled, and there's no excuse for it.  Basic double-checking would have saved me a great deal of embarrassment.  I'm very, very sorry.  I'm the idiot and scumbag in this case.  Well, one of them.

I also do want to keep the links to the companies sponsoring FIFA and the World Cup.  I think enough consumer pressure may do some good.  Please, please, PLEASE don't let my screw-up keep you from acting on this.

Coca-Cola, Hyundai-Kia, Adidas, Emirates Airlines, Sony, VisaBudweiser, Castrol, Continental Tire, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, and  Yingli Solar.