Vucetich to the Rescue

Being named Mexico’s National team coach should be an honor. So why does it seem like a punishment?

Here is a nice compare and contrast exercise: US Soccer has had 3 senior team coaches in 14 years. Mexico has had 3 senior team coaches in the last 6 days.

Victor Manuel Vucetich has been hired with the unenviable task of salvaging Mexico’s World Cup hopes. God help him. If he somehow manages to earn the right to face New Zealand in November and manages to cross that hurdle, then Rey Midas and his boys will be playing with house money next year in Brazil.

Getting to Brazil-- that is going to be the hard one. Everyone seems convinced it is going to happen, though. Chepo turned blue saying so. Jurgen even chimed in. FMF President Justino Compean, who has now hired and fired 7 national team coaches in the past 6 years, opened his presser with that exact same statement.

I am not convinced.

Are you?

But let’s be frank: the ones that need convincing are the players. The same ones who disintegrated after giving up goals both at the Azteca and in Columbus earlier in the week. The same ones who have scored a grand total of 1 goal in 360 minutes at the Estadio Azteca.

The one who needs to do the convincing is Victor Manuel Vucetich. He certainly has the pedigree. The players have the talent. Do they have the stomach for it? Do they have enough heart? They haven’t shown enough, if any, of either in quite some time. If Vucetich can get those organs working properly, Mexico will have a chance to go to Brazil.

Of course, if he doesn’t, then the ones in charge will make the only move they know how to make. It cannot be surprising to anyone that the Mexico manager job comes fully equipped with a revolving door. The ones that make that decision are the same ones who hire and fire coaches with impunity in the local league. It is option A through Z. There isn’t a season that goes by that a least a half a dozen coaches are shown the door... and are then summarily rehired by other teams 6 months later after the latest batch of chumps get dumped.

So whether Vucetich succeeds or not, the only certainty is that he will be shown the door.

Bring in the next victim.