The 2022 World Cup in Qatar Will Be Held in November

Now dropeth the other shoe. This was made crystal clear this week when FIFA Grand Poobah For Life, Sepp Blatter (Motto: "Vote Sepp in 2015: I'll Keep the Money Flowing!") spoke to the AP during a charity match held in his home town in Switzerland.

He revealed that FIFA's Executive Committee (Motto: "Vote Sepp in 2019: Keep Our Money Flowing") will meet on October 3 & 4 in Zurich and in between wearing out the local hookers, bartenders and sous chefs they'll be voting on whether to move the Qatar World Cup away from a couple of months when the average daytime temperature hovers around 140 degrees F.

Furthermore, he left no doubt as to what the outcome will be:

“Those that have taken the decision at the time, they knew there is problems with the heat."

“They knew it, because it was in the [bid evaluation] report. It was wrong to say, ‘now we have to play in summer,’ because in summer you cannot play there.

"Therefore the [executive committee] now shall take the decision - and they will take it - that in summer you can't play in Qatar."

Which is, of course, exactly what Chuck Blazer, Sunil Gulati, Bill Clinton and FIFA's own medical director were telling them back in 2012 when this outrageous, absurd, openly bought-and-paid-for decision was reached.

As to the question of when exactly it will be played, Seppy says that they'll start looking at that question this Fall. However, the German footballing publication kicker is reporting that the decision has already been made and the thing will begin in November.

It's well worth noting, of course, that many, if not a majority, of the ExCo members whose votes Qatar purchased are no longer around: bin Hammam, Warner, Leoz, Texiera, Makudi, etc. have resigned in disgrace due to their rampant bribability. But their original votes are inviolate.

But while it's nice that we're not going to have to listen to any more intellectually insulting nonsense about gigantic floating ice stations cooling stadiums with frost shipped in from the North Pole - or whatever - it leaves open the question of just how exactly FIFA can legally get away with changing the terms of the bid without having to re-vote.

For some time now Qatar has been listening to the talk about moving their tournament to the Winter with gentle smiles and forbearance but little comment. For many months FIFA has been saying that the only way they would take up the matter of moving the thing would be if Qatar formally requested it.

But it became clear that Qatar simply was not going to do so, and Blatter was forced to make the call himself.

Which brings us to Sunil Gulati, President of USSF and - not at all coincidentally - the newest member of FIFA's Executive, AKA The Greatest Gig in the World.

What a lovely coincidence it is that Gulati, the one man who could make serious noise, serious headlines and file serious lawsuits over FIFA changing the terms of the contract based on facts which they ignored at the time of a demonstrably corrupted vote, is sitting there in Chuck Blazer's incredibly expensive and comfortable chair, courtesy of the political machinations of: Sepp Blatter.

Because if you think for one minute that Sepp doesn't pull the strings in these elections - usually "we're considering an $800,000 goal grant for you this year" does the trick nicely - then you haven't been paying attention. CONCACAF didn't elect Sunil because they love Americans so much. They're still seething with anger over the last one, a guy who was, not coincidentally, his best pal and closest ally.

But now that Sunil is ensconced in that ExCo seat, well, Blatter knew his man. If you don't believe me, consider Gulati's recent comment on this re-vote; those of you who are fluent in Corporate Nothing-speak will recognize it immediately.

When asked his position on the issue of moving the finals to the Winter, he told reporters:

"I've got multiple perspectives on it. How I end up viewing what happens depends on the items in front of us.''

Well that certainly explains it.

So the WC will be in November, a prospect which is sending the European Leagues into a panic.

There are so many ramifications for them, beginning with TV contracts, that everyone, with the exception of the now hopelessly tarnished Michel Platini is howling. No matter. FIFA will do what FIFA will do, and hard cheese if you don't like it.

Of course, poor Platini has been hosed by his old buddy Sepp even worse than the USA has. For years he's swanned about as Blatter's Heir Apparent, and he assumed that if he backed the Swiss Grandee on this Qatar thing, as well as his re election, that he'd be in line for the Big Chair in 2015.

Now, with Blatter clearly running for another term (he says his "work is not completed") Platini is left holding the bag. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. And since he's been clamoring for a Winter WC all along despite the strident objections of most of the European leagues, he can't very well change his mind now.

Blatter is good. World class.

As for the Qataris, they're spending money like it was just gushing out of the ground. The latest estimate is that they're on track to spending over $200 billion, and many are saying it will go higher. Nobody knows and Qatar sure doesn't care.

In fact, they keep coming up with new stuff that no one had foreseen back when their bagmen were touring the world dropping small fortunes on greedy octogenarians looking for a final payday before riding off into the sunset.

For example, Blatter and the Bureaucrats at FIFA were made very nervous by the outpouring of anger and resentment evidenced by the street violence in Brazil during the Confederations Cup. The people of that beautiful land, as happy as they normally are, nonetheless are pretty outraged at the billions of dollars being pumped into palaces for FIFA while things like schools, hospitals and public sanitation go begging.

It was so scary for FIFA that Blatter himself told reporters that "perhaps Brazil was a bad idea".

The Qataris weren't about to let anyone say that about them, so they sprung into action.

Despite the fact that if there were to be riots in the streets of Doha they would have to be outsourced - bring in a few planeloads of Pakistanis or Croatians - since overfed princelings in Maseratis generally don't go in for that sort of thing, they wanted to reassure Blatter that they will have things buttoned down.

So they rang up the Germans - probably the first people who came to mind - and ordered themselves an almost ludicrous 118 tanks and 16 howitzers in order to make sure that nobody gets any ideas about making trouble.

Because nothing says crowd control like a new German-made Leopard 2.

Granted it doesn't have the cachet of, say, a Wehrmacht Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, but in fairness the Germans have been staying out of Poland lately and so it really hasn't gotten a fair shot.

German public opinion is a little queasy about the deal, since everybody recalls the last time they shipped tanks to the desert, but on the other hand, money is money.

As for the Qataris, well, 118 tanks is certainly cheaper and easier than, for example, building 500 ton floating air conditioners.