But wait, if we build it in Mexico City, then WE'LL have the home field advantage!

National stadiumWhy?  Qualifying just fine.  Frequent wins at every home stadium.  No on-field necessity.  Not based on results.  So why a national stadium? For fans?  No way.  First of all, where?  Big, big nation.  Four time zones.  (Plus Alaska and Hawaii, of course.)  Fans everywhere.  East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, South…so just one region?  Forever?  Madness.

“But, Russia!  Australia!”  Um, no.  Russia’s population?  Moscow and St. Pete.  Ten percent of population, two cities.  Australia’s total population?  Twenty three million.  Nearly half that in, like, three cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.

US population?  More than twice that of Russia.  More than ten times that of Australia.  Spread out more, too.  Population density maps, people. 

Enough nonsensical Eurosnobbery.  Wembley?  Two and a half hour train ride, tops, from freaking Newcastle.  Two and a half hour train ride in New York?  Midtown to JFK.  (Kidding, but not by much.)  Berlin national stadium?  Half hour from anywhere in Germany with autobahn, right?

By the way – this stadium…paid for by who, exactly?  The non-profit USSF?  CONCACAF?  FIFA?  Your tax dollars?  My tax dollars?  Some college football fan’s tax dollars?  For non-set, non-guaranteed, variable schedule of games?  Laughable, utterly and completely laughable.

In conclusion – national stadium?  Bad idea.  No upside, huge downsides.  Enough already.  One post.  Seven paragraphs.  No verbs necessary.  Case closed.