Chivas and Xolos Get Big Wins

What does is it say about a league where only 6 points separate the 4th place team from the 14th place team? What some call parity, others call mediocrity. Whatever nomenclature you would like to use, it all spells what looks to be a crazy finish for the Liga MX. Something as fundamental as a two game winning (or losing) streak can completely change the dynamic of the table.

Just last week, Guadalajara's nightmare season could not end soon enough. Injuries and bad luck had taken its toll on the Sacred Herd. And after losing to Pachuca, 1-0 even Nery Castillo couldn't resist a pointed jab. Someone was actually having a worse season than him. Chivas was in 15th place with only 10 points after 10 games, and the liguilla was only within reach on the TV remote control. Chivas coach, John Van't Schip then cut two players from the squad. He didn't send them to reserves, he sent them packing.

Cue the two game winning streak.

A mid-week win over reeling Tigres, coupled with an America win midweek, gave the Clásico Nacional a little extra spice. Then the heat was raised from medium to blazing when Club América coach, Miguel Herrera, was afflicted with a bout of oral diarrhea in the press conference leading up to the game. He questioned the "Dutch revolution" that was allegedly taking place in Guadalajara. "If Van't Schip was named Rodriguez, he would have been sent home long ago."

I've never quite understood the need to give your rival extra motivation to beat you, but that is exactly what Herrera did.

Chivas took the game, 3-1, jumped 5 spots in the table, and are now within sniffing distance of a spot in the liguilla. While Chivas fans have to feel better about themselves, their team has done nothing to show that this current streak is sustainable. They can just as easily lose two in a row and back down with the dregs.

The truth is, though, you can say that about nearly every other team in the league.

Not Tijuana, at least not right now.

The Aztec Dogs squared off against Toluca with the top of the table at stake at the Caliente. In what was probably the best game of the season in Liga MX, it was going to take a world class goal to decide things, which is exactly what Colombian Duvier Riascos provided when he weaved through the Red Devil defense and finished low and strong to the corner. Xolos have lost only once this season and are now in 1st place by themselves. Given the history of that finishing position, however, that may not be such a good thing come liguilla time.

What does it say about a league that 1st and 3rd place in the table are being occupied by the most recently promoted teams? Call it unexpected, call it unpredictable. In the Liga MX, it is normal. Unpredictably, unexpectedly, normal.