Twitter Snits

I am a big fan of the twitter. For me it is a great way to get breaking news, a quick laugh, weep about the state of humanity, et al. The gawker in me also loves a good ol' fashioned twitter standoff.

A few days ago, ESPNDeportes personality, David Faitelson tweeted the following:

Quick translation: "In 2005, Giovanni was the difference maker, the player who would change Mexico's soccer history. At 23, he has now signed with Mallorca."

No big surprise. It is a tried and true practice among a majority of Mexican journos and fans to revel in another countryman's supposed setbacks, which is exactly what Faitelson was doing here. He considers Giovani's singing with Mallorca a step back. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And twitter allows you to share it with the world.

Gio responded with the following. No need for a tranlation.

Again, no arguments here. Gio has the right to defend himself, and did so quite well without getting personal.

Now let's get to the funny part.

If you are going to trash someone on twitter, and you are a very public figure like David Faitelson... you may want to make sure that you are spelling your victim's name right. It's Giovani, not Giovanni, David.

Faitelson has since deleted the tweet.

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