As Gomez Keeps Torrid Pace, Tecos Stares into the Abyss

It's hard to think of a player not named Lionel Messi who is having a better month than Herculez Gomez. The Santos striker has been white hot, scoring nine goals in the last seven consecutive games. To put that in a little perspective, his former team, Estudiantes Tecos, has scored 6 goals this entire season. They have only won once, and are on the brink of dropping out of the top flight for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Santos, on the other hand, leads the league, and is in great position to make the finals of the Concachampions. The possibility of a double is very real for the Torreón squad, and Gomez is one of the big reasons why. He scored both vital away goals, one a few weeks ago in Seattle, and the other last night at the BMO. It did not take him very long to integrate into Santos very powerful attack. He and his strike partner, Oribe Peralta, have combined to score 11 goals in the league, with Gomez bagging 6.

Imagine his luck... going from a team whose problem isn't whether they will relegated but when, to another who is, well, at the opposite end of the spectrum.

It makes one wonder why Tecos decided to let him walk. "It makes me sad for the friends I have at the team. If they deserve to be in this position or not, it's not my place to day. But decisions were made that are being reflected in the team's results, and that makes me sad." Gomez told last week.

The way the schedule works out, Tecos' final nail could be hammered in Torreon next weekend. If it is Gomez who wields the hammer, you can bet he will participate in one of the more subdued, somewhat poignant soccer traditions: he won't celebrate.

Do you think Tecos might be re-thinking their decision? Maybe? Just a little bit?