Paid to Lose? Not at San Luis

Think of any professional team you follow in any sport. Win or lose, they get paid. Granted, bonuses are awarded for making post-seasons, winning titles, etc. Certainly nothing wrong with performance based incentives. Regardless, the simple cynic will say that they are paid to lose.

So imagine you are a professional athlete. You team has been on a recent slide, and when you walk in to your team's installations, you find out that your paycheck is being withheld until you hang up a notch in the W column?

Fair? Or not fair?

Ask the players of San Luis.

Yesterday, they arrived at team headquarters to find out that players' and coaches' salaries are being withheld until the team wins. San Luis started off hot enough with two wins, but has since lost 4 in row.

Withholding pay is nothing new in the Mexican league, but it usually has to do with a team's financial standing, not the players performance level. Just in the past few years, Puebla and Atlas have had problems meeting their payroll obligations.

But performance-based reasons? I guess in San Luis, they'll get the Eldorado when they win, the steak knives for a tie, and if they lose...

San Luis plays Chivas this weekend, another team desperate for a win. Should make for some good Saturday night theater.