Warner a No-Show as Court Opens in T&T

Justice Devindra Rampersad opened proceedings today with some new faces present and some old ones missing. Previously, the T&T Federation, former President Oliver Camps and former "Special Adviser" Jack Warner were all represented by the same attorney, one Om Lalla (which I believe is island patois for "Ambulance chaser"), but today the federation and Camps both showed up with new - and separate - representation.

Once again we're indebted to crusading T&T journalist Lasana Liburd, who is on the scene at the High Court in Port of Spain, who reports that while the other two parties had shiny new shysters in tow, Lalla and Warner were nowhere to be found, although it was later reported that Lalla was "on his way".

(Once again, please give the guy a hit. It ain't easy standing up to Jack Warner down there. Thanks.)

You know how it is - lawyers get lost on the way to the courthouse every day of the week. Particularly when they represent a guy who the judge is getting pissed off at.

New Federation General Secretary Richard Groden once again told the court that, Warner's representations over the weekend notwithstanding, the T&TFF still has no records whatsoever relating to the 2006 T&T World Cup campaign.

Justice Rampersad then ordered federation lawyer Deryck Ali to present a "plan of action" detailing how they intended to proceed. Ali then asked for a postponement, which Rampersad refused but then gave him a half hour to confer with his client.

When proceedings resumed, Ali told the court that - incredibly - the T&TFF intended to take no action whatsoever against Warner.

The judge responded to this admission by pointing out that having been ordered to present a plan and refusing to do so was asking to be found guilty of contempt.

Ali then told the judge that he needed to confer with Lalla before he could respond. The judge pointed out that it was the T&TFF's job to come up with a plan and Lolla's opinion was irrelevant, but then agreed to give Ali another break.

Now waiting to see what Lalla has to say, but it seems clear that the judge is tired of Warner stiffing her and wants some action.

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