3-0 - The Most Misleading Score in Soccer?

So it was Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl Sunday yesterday. A television porgrammers dream, and a counter-programmer's nightmare. As for the footiephiles, we got a special treat. Chelsea-Manchester United on over the air TV. And when the Blues went up 3-0.... I'll admit I am somewhat of a neophyte when it comes to the EPL - I have only been watching the league in earnest for about the last 10-15 years - but I have been able to gleam that Manchester United is pretty good at erasing deficits. So it was not a huge surprise that they were able to get the 3-3 draw. Of course, for me the result was made all the sweeter when the Little Pea himself was responsible for drawing even with Chelsea. It made me wonder what might have happened if he would have played the whole game. I wasn't the only one. "To be honest, I probably should have played Chicharito from the start." Sire Alex said after the match.

So with that over, I was just not ready to succumb to the Super madness just yet, so I switched over to watch Toluca hosting Pachuca. It didn't take long for the home side to score, 15 seconds, in fact. And after 17 minutes, the hosts were up, you guessed it, 3-0. Now, I have been watching Mexican soccer a lot longer than EPL, but I can categorically say that coming back from a 3-0 deficit is very rare in the Mexican league. The last team to do so was Pumas around 10 years ago. They came back to win 4-3 at Veracruz thanks to one Kikin Fonseca, who scored 2 and set up the other 2.

Pachuca got one back, surely it would be nothing more than cosmetic. But then Daniel Arreola launched a rocket 5 minutes later for the Tuzos to get within a goal 5 minutes before the half. I might not have to turn away to the Puppy Bowl 8 coverage just yet. Right on the hour, Pachuca coach, Efraín Flores subbed in a player who in some circles is called the next Chicharito. 16 year-old Marco Bueno, who is a walking, talking, epitome of the pimply faced teenager, only needed 4 minutes to get the equalizer; a slick near post jab to the far post. And just like that, it was 3-3. Crazy game. Did I mention it was also hailing?

Bueno wasn't done, though.

A smart run in stoppage time was met by an even better ball, and the only thing standing between Bueno and the game winner was Toluca's Alfredo Talavera. The U17 World Champion did not get the goal, but he got the next best thing: he was brought down by the Toluca keeper in the box - penalty. Mauro Cejas, who had opened the scoring for Pachuca, slotted the kick home and the comeback was complete. 4-3 to Pachuca.

It's amazing enough to see one 3-goal comeback, but two back-to-back? No manches. I could not think of a better way to get ready to watch a bunch of new commercials surrounding a game between two teams I couldn't care about less. The best part about that? Hearing Echo and the Bunnymen get some love.

And I forgot to watch the Puppy Bowl? Who won?