Rise and Shine! Win an autographed poster or a DVD of the Jay DeMerit Story. Go on, it'll be fun.

"Rise and Shine: the Jay DeMerit Story" is about a young soccer player, passed over by every American club, who went to England and okay, really, any of you not know the story?  "Goal: The Dream Begins," only not science fiction.  I mean, this movie's so interesting, even the making of would make a good documentary.  ("It's documentaries all the way down.)  (Like "Apocalypse Now," but with happy endings.)  (Okay, so maybe not like "Apocalypse Now.") The movie opens up in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland this coming January 17, and DVDs are available here in the colonies.  To celebrate this, we will be giving out a couple of cool prizes.  One is cool, one is REALLY cool.

If you would like a chance to win a DVD of "Rise and Shine," and are too lazy to simply buy one here, you may enter the DVD contest.  Simply post, or tweet to @bigsoccer, or somehow draw to my attention one of the following:

Either (1) a CLEAN limerick; (2) a well-crafted, pleasing, and self-contained haiku; or (3) a Tweet of EXACTLY 144 characters about something to do with Jay DeMerit.  NO SONNETS.

Perhaps, however, you'd like an autographed poster that looks something more or less like this.

For that, friends, you will have to write an essay.  Five hundred words or less.  Also about Jay DeMerit, and why you deserve something as cool as an autographed movie poster about him.

Funny story.  This was originally going to be a trivia question, and because we live in the Internet age, I was sort of hoping it would be one that was Google-proof.  So I asked for one from the man himself, and I got one.  It was really great, too.  How many goals, assists, and points did Jay have in his senior year of high school?

So just as I'm about to post the contest, with that question, I think to myself, "Maybe I oughta check to see whether that question is actually Google-proof.  I don't want a trivia contest that only lasts thirty seconds."

*Fires up Google*

*WOMP womp*

So, extra points will be awarded to the essay that, seamlessly and aesthetically, includes Jay's goals, assists and total points in his senior year of high school.  But it's not obligatory or anything.  If you've got 500 words about Jay and the Whitecaps, rock on.

I will be the judge, and my decisions are final.  Unless Jay reads your entry and demands that you be awarded the prize, I guess.  I wouldn't rely on that happening, but hey, the movie is about living your dream and achieving the impossible.  Post entries here, or on Twitter @bigsoccer, but make sure I see them, what with me being judge and everything.

The deadline to enter, and the announcement of the winner, will be next Tuesday, January 17 (the day the movie is screened in the UK), let's say noon Greenwich mean time.  Yeah, on second thought, better make that noon my time, Pacific Standard.  Prizes will be delivered some time after that.  What?  Hey, I was just looking at my driver's license, and it doesn't say "FedEx" anywhere on it.

Have fun.  And fight for your dream.

Okay, okay, you can write a sonnet.  But it better be amazing.