Tell Landon His Services Won't Be Required

Moyes found somebody else to put the ball into the net at Goodison Park.

In Premier League history, four goalkeepers have scored in league play and two of them are Americans. (Friedel, Schmeichel and Robinson).

The goal was also the longest in Premier League history, and the first Premier League goal scored from the opposite penalty box.

Howard's lack of celebration may be due to a number of things, among them class, professionalism. Or possibly he somehow knew that even with his goal The Toffees were going to end up losing 2 - 1.

Or it could be the fact that, were this the Olympics, the record would have been disallowed due to the gale force tailwind Howard enjoyed.

As for Landon, herewith my favorite quote on the night:

"Donovan seems to possess the Stakhanovite work ethic of a Soviet coal miner."

Despite not playing a competitive game since MLS Cup in November - when, you may recall, he scored the gamewinner - he hit the park full bore, winning a free kick in the first 30 seconds, and later in the half was robbed of a PK after a seemingly obvious penalty area takedown tha the official chose not to notice.