He Who Laughs Last....

If there's one single thing in all of this FIFA kerfuffle that is certain, it's that foul and disgusting kleptocrat Jack Warner will never again be allowed to sully the hallowed halls of official international football again.

If there was any remaining doubt about that it vanished with the video of him telling everyone to either take the money and shut up or give the money to Franka Pickering and shut up but mostly to just shut up.

(As a side note to everyone who is always saying that one thing FIFA needs to do to clean things up is allow more women to sit at the table: Pickering was one of the highest ranking women in football and she proved to be every bit as corrupt as the sausage fest around her. Venality knows no gender.)

But just because Jack will never again sit at the big table in Zurich or have his ass shamelessly slobbered on by Princes and Prime Ministers may not mean that he will lose much if any of the power he maintains in the region and beyond, and FIFA, for all their new-found devotion to housecleaning, is as much to blame as anyone.

Suppose for a moment that you're Bahamas FA President Anton Sealey or one of the other four or five guys who stood up to the frightening power of Jack Warner and gave the Ethics Committee the information - not to mention the video - that resulted in his official demise.

Further, imagine that you're walking into the CFU Ordinary Congress next month and taking your seat next to a bunch of people who a) took the $40,000 b) got to keep it c) refused to cooperate with the investigators and/or blatantly lied to them and c) have just completed their two week slap-on-the-wrist suspensions.

Think you'd feel betrayed? The word today is that the people who risked their necks and came forward are very angry and feel that FIFA has left them out on a limb.

Anyone want to tell them that they're wrong?

A highly enlightening item which has gone totally unnoticed concerns the current political crisis in Trinidad & Tobago, where a couple days ago Cabinet Minister Jack Warner offered to allow his opponents to use his personal meeting facilities to conduct a large party meeting that was barred from it's original venue.

Said facility being otherwise known as the Joao Havelange Center for Excellence.

You'll recall that the Center was built - at Warner's direction - using ALL of the CONCACAF's development money for a four year cycle. That turned out not to be nearly enough for the lavish dining facilities, the contemplation gardens, the swimming pool and all the other trappings that Warner wanted, so he took out a loan - in CONCACAF's name of course - for US$10 million more.

A year later, with Jack not having made a single payment and clearly having no intention of ever doing so, Sepp Blatter quietly cut a check drawn on FIFA that paid the place off.

Jack then installed his eldest son Daryan - the one who ran the World Cup ticket scandals - as CEO, a job which wasn't very taxing considering that in it's busiest year the place was used for only 41 days (the only event there in 2011 was a T&T youth soccer coaching class for four days back in March).

Mostly it stands empty, partly because T&T is far to the South of most of the Caribbean and is costly and inconvenient to get to, and partly because there was never any reason, beyond Warner's ego, for the place to be built in the first place.

Nevertheless, it belongs to CONCACAF but Warner is holding the keys, obviously using the place however he personally sees fit and he shows no inclination to surrender the place to its rightful owners.

Of course this is in addition to the CFU office building - also in Trinidad - which Warner has refused to turn over to the CFU, along with the bank accounts, records and other files therein. It's all under lock and key, currently accessible only by his personal accountant.

Somehow, when Andrew Jennings and the egotripping clown who calls himself "ChangeFIFA", are screeching about Chuck Blazer they never quite get around to admitting that Warner is manipulating them like a couple of cheap marionettes, but the fact of the matter is that Warner still owns it all.

Which brings us to the comment from Warner's bizarre letter where he flails away at the supposed perfidy of the unnamed person who "taped the meeting for Chuck Blazer" (an amazing feat considering that Blazer didn't know anything about the 8:30 AM meeting, which was called by a suddenly nervous Warner at the last minute) and who "was rewarded with an office in Miami and a higher salary and who unilaterally moved the CFU’s 33-year-old office from Port-of-Spain to Miami so that every Caribbean official wanting to do football business in the Caribbean had to get a US visa."

Astonishing. Warner refuses to let anyone into the CFU building (which he personally owns) so CONCACAF gave them free space in their Miami offices. What else were they supposed to do? Rent a room at Motel 6? (Which they can't because Warner still has all their money).

(In case you're interested, here's Justice Damaseb's response to Warner's blatant lies.)

Of course this is similar to Warner claiming he didn't know anything about how CONCACAF's money was spent despite the fact that for the last two decades his personal accountant flew to New York twice a year and went over every dime of expenditure with a magnifying glass. Nobody bought a box of paper clips with Warner knowing about it.

Warner is possibly the world's most shameless - albeit creative - liar.

Which brings us to the CFU elections scheduled for November 20.

Horace Burrell, the heavy favorite, is currently serving 3 month suspension and it's unclear if he is eligible for the ballot.

He's complicit in a lot of garbage, but at least he's his own crook not Warner's.

What they're likely left with is the prospect of Jack Warner directing his unpunished loyalists, who will have served their suspensions by then, to vote for one or another of his toadies, while any hope of the reformers gaining power evaporated when FIFA refused to kick the thieves out when they had the chance.

So to sum up:

1) Warner will exercise power over the CFU through a willing puppet.

2) The guys who stood up will be ostracized and eventually forced out.

3) No independent agent will ever get a look at the CFU records.

4) Andrew Jennings will continue to do Warner's bidding while pretending - as he did to BigSoccer legend DoctorK over beers a week or so ago - that he has no idea where his information is coming from.

5) CONCACAF will move it's offices out of New York and out of the US and Chuck Blazer will be gone by January, taking whatever influence the US had in regional affairs along with it.

Does this look like Jack Warner losing to you?