Clenbuterol found in 52% of samples at U-17 World Cup

samples WADA's press release that exonerated the 5 Mexican players from any wrong-doing after their positive test for Clembuterol mentioned...

"compelling evidence from a FIFA study at the U17 World Cup in Mexico that indicates a serious health problem in Mexico with regards to meat contaminated with clenbuterol."


FIFA released its finding yesterday. Of the 208 players who were subjected to anti-dpoing exams, 109 of them (52%) came back positive for Clenbuterol. 19 of the 24 teams that participated fielded players who showed traces of the substance. Most of the squads ate their meals at the team hotels, and one third of the meat samples tested from these also showed traces of the banned substance.

It is no surpirse, though, that Mexico did not have any of its players' test come back with a positive result. After the senior-side test results, the FMF made the decision to serve only fish and veggies to its players. Moreover, the FMF has greatly reduced the amount of red meat it serves to its players when they are housed in its training center.

"This is a public health issue that is now being addressed urgently by the Mexican Government."

We'll see about that.