Warner: "It Was The Joooooos"

Over the past few months, as we've watched FIFA being slowly but surely exposed, layer by ever-uglier layer, as nothing more than a bunch of low thugs and grasping thieves with the moral authority of so many aging painted up street whores, one thing at least has remained constant:

When cornered, Jack Warner simply bares his fangs a little more.

So when Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar had to bow to reality and forward that tape of Jack Warner openly discussing his complicity in bringing at least a million dollars in foreign currency into the country illegally to her Attorney General for his consideration, you knew Warner was due for another round of angry threats, irrational accusations and nasty mudslinging.

But having already pointed the finger at a) the US (they're mad at me because I didn't deliver the World Cup, b) white people (they are tired of us uppity blacks being in charge of CONCACAF), and c) Europeans (it's all a conspiracy to hand FIFA to France "forever") who else could he blame for this?

Obviously, the Jews.

Like most modern day anti-Semites, he figured he could get away with this by referring to them as Zionists (at least when AFA President Julio Grondona told the media that Jews can't be referees because they're too lazy he had the honesty to call them "Jews") but somehow, trying to claim that Israel is behind his troubles would be a tough sell even at a skinhead rally.

This particular account came in a letter which Warner reportedly sent to the Trinidad Guardian in which, once again, he uses the term "tsunami" to describe the shitstorm he intends to bring down on FIFA at some later - as yet undetermined - date.

Thus, when that day comes:

“I will talk about the Zionism, which probably is the most important reason why this acrid attack on Bin Hammam and me was mounted.”

For the record, I am not at all certain but I believe that Chuck Blazer is Jewish, and I don't believe it to be coincidental.

For some reason the Guardian is only excerpting the letter today, saying they will publish it in full tomorrow, but the highlighted portions are a repetition of old charges combined with some stuff everybody already knows (and which he likely can't prove) about Blatter's elections in 1998 and 2002, and some explosive new accusations, such when he passes along this campaign anecdote:

"That was the first time I met the present Deputy Chairman of FIFA Ethics Committee, Petrus Damaseb, at the time the president of the Namibia FA. I will tell the world what gift Bin Hammam gave to him then, which was not a bribe then as he has ruled today."

(I'd point out that Bin Hammam wasn't running for anything at the time and so he could legally give Damaseb anything he wanted to but that might spoil the fun).

Like most (all?) Warner pronouncements, it contains its fair share of non-sequiters.

Thus, “The FIFA has tried to muzzle me with threats of a worldwide suspension” despite the fact that since he's voluntarily resigned from every single football post he held it's hard to see what it is FIFA could suspend him from.

He's also pretty riled up about how his son Daryan is being tossed overboard:

"They have said that they will close down the FIFA Development Office in Trinidad by year end. They have advised that they will terminate my son’s 2012 contract at the end of this year."

And he's also still pissed that FIFA has canceled his theft of Caribbean World Cup TV rights. He apparently doesn't get the concept that nepotism and the like only works when you're the guy in charge. Once you've quit, nobody feels the need to put up with your crooked halfwit son any more.

Overall though, the big question that nobody much is asking is simply this:

Why is it he's waiting so long to unleash his long-promised "tsunami"?

Could it be that he thinks if he rattles enough cages that FIFA will come back and make a deal to ensure his silence?

If so, the betting here is that he's dead wrong.