Colombians Excelling in Mexican Apertura

It should come as no surprise that a quick glance at the scoring leaders in La Liga Mexicana is light on the locals. Teams have been out-sourcing goal scoring responsibilities for decades. A look at the top 10 scorers for this tournament has 2 Uruguayans at the top, 2 Chileans, 2 Colombians, an Ecuadorian, a Venezuelan, and, yes, 2 Mexicans. Luis Perez, one of the Mexicans, has scored 4 of his 5 goals from the spot. The other, Oribe Peralta is a striker, and by virtue of being in the top 10, he has been called up a few times since the season started.

With a 5 foreigner limit, teams in the league have typically filled their roster with offensive players. Some folks say it makes the league better, and who can argue? A couple of years ago, Paraguay fielded a team with as many players from Mexico's league for a World Cup Qualifier as Mexico did. Paraguay qualified without much trouble.

This season, it appears that the Colombian contingency is leading the charge for the best collective group of expats. Jaguares is having a stellar season due in large part to their trio cafetero of Jackson Martinez, Luis Gabriel Rey, and Franco Faustino Arizala, who have combined for 13 goals. That is more goals than 7 teams have notched combined, and Jaguares' 19 goals overall are tied for most in the league with Monterrey. Dayro Moreno is doing his part to keep Xolos afloat with 5 goals through 8 games and Edixon Perea has netted some key goals for Cruz Azul -- none bigger than his equalizer last weekend at home to Chivas.

And what of the local gaggle of goal scorers. Peralta has had a decent season, as have Miguel Sabah and Enrique Esqueda for Morelia and Pachuca respectively. What about the the next niño maravilla, Erick "el cubo" Torres? Chivas' teenage striker had appeared to be the answer to the question "who replaces chicharito?" last year when he bagged half a dozen goals last season, including a memorable goal in the superclasico.

It was the last goal he scored.

Since then, he has not breached the nets, but has gotten his name in the books by accumulating 8 yellow cards. In hopes of getting him back on track, Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara has dispatched his young striker to receive Gesalt Therapy.

Where will he be receiving this treatment? Colombia.