Cardozo is Back

Usually when there is a coaching change, it is the result of a bad season, or even a string of losses. In the Liga Mexicana, two losses in a row sometimes is enough for a front office to part ways with their coach. It is not the most ideal way to conduct business, but it happens. A lot - and once this year already.

So imagine you are a coach of a team that will be in the throes of a year-long relegation fight, you just won 2 games in a row, and those 6 points you just earned are worth their weight in platinum.

"The big guy wants to see you, skip." Surely this would be nothing more than a congratulatory "keep it up" pep talk, right?

Not so for Queretaro's now ex-coach Gustavo Matosas, who was relieved of his duties yesterday after 2 consecutive wins... for a team who is in the drop zone. Incredulous? A huevo! Welcome to the Liga Mexicana.

The front office offered no reasons for this sudden separation of service. The rumor mill, though, happily provided a strained relationship between the Uruguayan coach, who guided Queretaro successfully through the relegation gauntlet last year, and the team president.

When a team is in the drop zone, one would think that the next move for the club is to bring a coach who has that kind of experience - a relegation specialist, if you will. There are quite a few in Mexico.

But that is not what Queretaro did.

Announcing their new coach, Jose Saturino Cardozo. The 4th highest scoring player in Mexican League history is back in Mexico as a coach. The Paraguayan returns to the country where he netted 249 goals and won 4 championships, all with Toluca. As accomplished as he was as a player, he coaching career is a little less impressive. His only other coaching outpost has been Club Olimpia, but he didn't add anything to the trophy case for the most succesful club in Paraguay. And he has never had to deal with a relegation fight.

Queretaro's history in the top flight is brief. The previous years they had earned promotion, it was a one and done. Their current incarnation is in its third year. They are rolling the dice that Cardozo can get them to a fourth.