Will there be a Nery Sighting at the Linc?

Apparently, there is a friendly next week at the Linc. While one team's supporters eagerly await the debut of their new coach, Mexico will likely be without their two strikers. Javier Hernandez has been out of action since he ran the US defenders ragged at the Rose Bowl. His comeback was delayed further by sustaining a slight concussion. Aldo de Nigris has yet to play for Monterrey, not that they need him all that much, considering they have breached their opponents' nets 8 times in their two league games.

It leaves the door wide open for someone to make an impression on Chepo de la Torre. Would it be, then, the two strikers who played at Copa America? Rafael Marquez Lugo and Oribe Peralta did not capitalize on their opportunities, but to be fair to them, they had very little to work with.

Carlos Vela seems to be rounding back into form for Arsenal in pre-season. He had a nifty little play over the weekend vs. Boca Juniors. He might be called back.

Omar Arellano is off to a hot start with Chivas. He might garner some additional attention.

And then there is that lightning rod that seems to finally be getting his act together back in Greece. Nery Castillo has been enjoying an excellent build-up to the season at his new squad, Aris Thessaloniki. It appears that the talent we all knew he had is starting to re-emerge in an older, more mature, Nery. He has made such an impression on his coach and teammates that he has been given not only the 10 to wear, but the captain's arm band as well.

Quite a different story (which has been chronicled here extensively) for a guy who spent the better part of three years dealing with death, divorce, and dreadful decision making. When one reaches bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. He got a lifeline at Aris last winter, and in the off-season was finally able to free himself from the self-imposed Shakhtar hell when he signed a contract with the Greek squad.

Nevertheless, he still has to convince Chepo that he has a place on the Tri. Chepo has said in the past that he has had trouble contacting Nery. The Castillo camp has countered with "he has not even tried."

But the Aris front office knows that Nery would love a chance. "He keeps telling me that his dream is play again for Mexico." An Aris executive said.

Let's hope Chepo gives him just that.