It's Klinsy!

Apparently either Sunil or Juergen budged off of their previously non-negotiable positions.

Or maybe Klinsmann just got tired of watching the train wreck in Toronto.

THE GUARDIAN says that Klinsy "will be unveiled on Monday" which conjures up a number of amusing images, but I won't dwell.

Presumably, he won't have much more to say than this just-released statement:

"I am proud and honoured to be named the head coach of the US men's national team,"

"I would like to thank the US Soccer Federation for the opportunity, and I'm excited about the challenge ahead. I am looking forward to bringing the team together for our upcoming match against Mexico and starting on the road toward qualifying for the 2014 Fifa World Cup."

He'll be on the bench for the August 10 match against the Tri.

Sunil has some equally scintillating boilerplate:

"We are excited to have Jürgen as the head coach of our men's national team. He is a highly accomplished player and coach with the experience and knowledge to advance the program. Jürgen has had success in many different areas of the game and we look forward to the leadership he will provide on and off the field."

Since there's really not much to say that hasn't already been said, I'm simply going to turn the post over to Fake Ives:

So what do you guys think of this hiring? Will the US be a better team now? Will we be able to beat Mexico once again? Do these pants make my ass look fat? Do you like Captain Crunch? I sure do. But you can't let it get too soggy or it sucks. I generally use two bowls and only put a couple handfuls of cereal in there and then pour some milk on it so it doesn't have time to get all mushy. I hate mushy......oh, right, sorry. So is this a brilliant move or a big mistake?

Thanks a million, Fake Ives. Stop by any time.

(We kid because we love, Ives.)