Liveblogging the FIFA Media Conference

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Damaseb speaking now.

Will announce decisions on Bin Hammam, Minguell, Sylvester and the complaint regarding Blazer.

Bin Hammam guilty.

Banned for life.

(Just in passing, both Blatter and Valcke are, wisely, out of town.)

Minguell next. Guilty of the same violations.

Banned for one year.

Sylvester the same. Guilty, one year ban.

Here's the Blazer complaint.

Damaseb is reviewing the complaint.

Not guilty of racism BUT they didn't like the other stuff he said at that meeting, will be given a warning.

Cue Lisle Austin trumpeting that FIFA found Blazer "guilty of Ethics violations"

Want to bet that I'm wrong on that?

Here's the big news:

The Committee has asked FIFA for permission to investigate the federations who took money.

It's only fair; if someone handed out bribes, then by definition someone took bribes.

A question centered on Bin Hammams' complaints about committee fairness.

Damaseb won't take the bait.

Good question: someone is asking whether a lifetime ban means that Bin Hammam, as a construction contractor, will be allowed to bid on World Cup 2022 jobs.

Damaseb punts to FIFA's lawyers.

Warner question:

BinMo banned for life, seems unfair with regard to Warner.

Damaseb explaining that yes, he would have liked to pass judgement on him but his resignation precludes that and he stands by the legal presumption of innocence.

Someone is loudly complaining about something. Told him to sit down and shut up.

Maybe it's Lisle Austin.

Question: was this a kangaroo court as BinMo is saying?

Damasebs' answer is about what you'd expect.

Question on the followup investigation, why no provisional suspension, etc.

Not clear what the answer really is besides "we didn't do it that way"

All done, except that BinMo says he wil take this to the CAS so, to be continued.