The Smoking Gun: "I Arrived at Mr. Warners' Office and Collected a Locked Bag (with) 26 Envelopes"

Angenie Kanhai is the General Secretary of the Caribbean Football union.

For perspective, she is to the CFU what Jerome Valcke is to FIFA and Chuck Blazer is to CONCACAF: she runs the day to day operations of the organization.

Put another way, she worked directly under former CFU President Jack Warner.

Which is why her affidavit to the FIFA Ethics Committee, a copy of which has found it's way to the BBC, is so devastating.

In a nutshell, she gives Warner up on a silver platter. You know all that "I may decide to return to football one day" crapola? We are now officially allowed to laugh right out loud.

Direct from eagle-eyed BigSoccer legend Pablo Chicago, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE LAST NAIL IN JACK WARNER'S COFFIN.

Kanhai, who testified before the Ethics Committee earlier today, (and who is Debbie Minguells' direct supervisor) submitted a two page affidavit to Valcke who, in turn, handed it over to the Ethics Committee.

Here is her summary of the events on the day in question:

"On May 10, 2011, Mr Warner advised me that he had gifts, which were to be distributed to the delegates. Mr Warner did not tell me what the gifts were, but advised that they were to be distributed from the Hotel (sic) that afternoon. After consulting with my staff, Jason Sylvester and Debbie Minguell, I suggested to Mr Warner that the gifts be distributed between 3PM and 5PM that day.

"During the morning session on May 10, Mr Warner made an announcement to the attendees about picking up the above mentioned gift. I was told that I should come to his office to collect the gifts that were to be distributed.

"I arrived at Mr Warner's office at approximately 2.30PM on May 10 and collected a locked bag with the key in the front pocket.

"The bag contained 26 envelopes, these envelopes were unmarked and were folded and sealed. I did not see any envelopes opened and left Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester to distribute the envelopes.

"The next day I met Debbie and Jason for breakfast at the hotel and they advised me that the envelopes had contained cash."

Turn out the lights, the parties' over.