A Disturbing Trend That Must End

Futbol, like every other sport, has its share of copycats. Sucess is envied, and then the methods emulated. And, like every other sport, it is not just the action that is imitated.

When I was a kid, the prevailing goal celebration was “the slide and pray”. Was there a better way to signal a score than sliding on your knees and performing the sign of the cross? And then there were the shorts.

The short shorts. I know Socrates’ legs were long, but, we didn’t need that much empirical proof.

Another uniform innovation from that era that amazingly is still prevalent in the futbol haute couture houses is the watermark.

Some were nothing more than a subtle pattern,

others were a little louder,

and then there was this:

I ain’t gonna lie, I really dug that uni.

Luckily for all of us, the shorts slowly but surely moved back down toward the knee. Unfortunately, another questionable fashion choice has been encroaching the leg. It has permeated leagues and national teams all over the world.

It is time to say no to the socks above the knee. And, to quote my wife “when the socks go above the knee, they are no longer socks, they are thigh highs.

"A fashion don’t.”

It can’t be comfortable. And with all that running, I would have to think that this “look” would have to get adjusted, and re-adjusted to the point of distraction.

Maybe that is real reason this happened

I never thought anything would look worse than the short shorts, with special exception, of course, to this.

But fashion is cyclical, so we may see the short shorts again. My wife would be happy.