Yankee go home

You have NO IDEA how much I'd rather talk about Earthquakes-Galaxy, but oh well.

Occasionally on the way to games, I like to play MP3 I Ching. You put the player on shuffle, and try to guess from the mood of the songs how the day is going to go.

Did it work? Well, I'll sprinkle in a few lyrics here and there, and let you judge for yourself.

Together we stand
Divided we fall
Come on people
Let's get on the ball
Let's work together
Come on, come on
Let's work together


Pregame: Los Angeles has had some very unfortunate incidents with fan violence over the past year. Obviously, the last thing anyone wants is for anything remotely like that to happen at a US-Mexico game.

But if it HAD to happen, hopefully it happens to the guys with the Rebel Flag bandanas.

By the way, I'd like to apologize to the fan whose nuts I stepped on while trying to find my seat.

Peanuts. Oh, come on, what kind of cheap joke do you think I was going for?

Kickoff. Slightly pro-Mexico crowd.

2:30. MLS fans who shout "Puto!" instead of "You suck, asshole!" should be strung up by their thumbs.

7:22. It's obvious that Michael Bradley only starts because he's Jeff Bradley's nephew, and Bob wants good coverage from the Star-Ledger.

This would have been my lead joke, had the game turned out like it looked like it was going to. Pretty good, huh? Oh, well.

11:00. Cherundolo taken out by our eternal enemy, Jermaine Jones. Bornstein in, Lichaj switches – well, he was great in the World Cup, and he for damn sure knows Mexico’s players. I don’t think we’ll lose very much.

God help me, I actually thought that.

In this world we're livin' in, we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don't give in - aim for a new tomorrow!
You've got another thing coming!

15:40. Our D shaky.

16:03. Our D shaky.

We were up 1-0, about to go up 2-0, and this is how I thought our defense was doing. Carlos Bocanegra was the USSoccer.com Man of the Match, by the way.

22:30. Landon Donovan! The Mexicutioner!

At this point, I was thinking it was just like the Confederations Cup - the US started horribly, and ended strong, led by Landon and Dempsey.

I forgot how the Confederations Cup ended.

Well, no, I didn't. But Mexico was skinned and boiled at this point. And the Rose Bowl was as quiet as it was during a 1997 Galaxy game.

28.15. Worked.

But hey, I didn't think we were going to shut them out, did you? Of course not.

34:50. MB blows it!

But hey, he had gotten the first goal. The way we're playing, we'll ice this one soon enough.

No longer is the joke gonna be on my heart
Your time is gonna come


35:46. We're tied. Whose back line is worse?

Looking back, the Torres Nilo substitution probably saved Mexico. The US in general, and Freddy freaking Adu in particular, were carving them open. Freddy still had a fantastic, unbelievable game - he was my man of the match, not like those blinkered homers at ussoccer.com - but as young and exciting as Mexico's attackers are, their defense is as old and as stale as ours.

Well, not THAT bad. But either Mexico wins the World Cup in 2014 over Brazil 8-6, or they need someone back there who can stop a nosebleed.

37:15. That said, Red Bull Rafa just saved the day for Mexico. He's always had his worst performances against the United States, always.

40:00. And he leaves the field on a stretcher. Yikes.

By the way, when I'm watching a tie game against my arch-rival and my captain goes down with an injury in the first half, remind me not to do the FREAKING WAVE.

43:15. Mexico down to one sub. That's going to be extremely crucial in extra time, which is where this game looks like it's headed. Bob's had a masterful gameplan so far. I'll never criticize him again. I look forward to seeing his second half adjustments.

45:00. Dos Santos is killing us with his speed. And he's killing Mexico with his decisions.

(Yeah, his second half was pretty good. Yeah, he scored the goal that killed us dead. By the way, you know who’s awesome? Not Jonathan Bornstein.)

I was
Jekyll Jekyll Hyde!
Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll!
Jekyll Jekyll Hyde!
Jekyll Hyde!

(It’s from a cartoon.)

Halftime. Weird game. I think we’re in for a classic.

Except, no, the way we lost wasn’t weird. We didn’t get anywhere near the kind of possession we needed to keep Mexico from scoring, because our defense sure wasn’t going to stop them. Everyone saw that was a possibility.

So the US only had 15-20% of the crowd. In the 1998 Gold Cup Final, US fans were outnumbered something like 100-1. Progress.

We might have even won more fans today, if we had shown up for the second half.

Slow death!
Eat my mind away!
Slow death!
Turn my guts to clay!
Slow death!
Slow death!

(I nearly turned right around when this song came up.)

49:08. And we’re down. Three unanswered goals? What the hell? That’s unbelievable! That hasn’t happened to us since – oh, yeah, a couple of weeks ago against Spain. But before that, it hadn’t happened since – oh, yeah, last year’s Gold Cup final.

55:00. I have to say, I certainly didn't hear any racist chants from American fans. They didn't even join in the ones I started.

Blue, blue windows behind the stars
Yellow moon on the rise
Big birds flying across the sky
Throwing shadows across our eyes
Leave us
Helpless, helpless, helpless


51:10. NEAR miss from Bocanegra.

59:20. Crossbar!

Just to remind people this could have ended up differently. Although this is soccer, not ifball, and Mexico could point to many near misses that could have made this a real boatrace.

64:30. No Chicharito goals, Landon scoring, Freddy Adu having a fantastic game, and we go up 2-0? Why, of course I’ll take that deal, Mr. Monkey’s Paw! What could go wrong?

74.40. Standing ovation for Pablo Berrerra. It’s not like we’ve seen the last of him, either. The pendulum has swung back towards Mexico, and this is going to be a tough few years for US fans.

(Yakety Sax doesn't have lyrics, but it was still appropriate)

76:00. Tim comes out. Can’t control. D back on line. GDS shot PLACED. Ballgame.

There’s no cheering in the press box, but there sure as ******** is cheering in the auxiliary press box. Turns out I could have cheered the Bradley and Donovan goals. I'm relieved I didn't, though, I can tell you that.

I kept it all inside.

Like I'm keeping my pain inside now.


78.00. I have not seen a team flunk a gut check this badly since the Galaxy in November 2003 in San Jose. That too had four unanswered goals. Dos a cuatro is the new dos a cero.

83:00. In answer to a question I was asked several times - it's David Loney, he lives outside Cincinnati. But I gotta tell you, it's been a long time since I called him "Daddy" - and by the way, why are you so interested?

84:00. Reporters leaving early to get interviews. I use this excuse to get the hell out of the Rose Bowl. If there are two more goals in this game now, they’ll come from Mexico, and I have zero desire to see this particular trophy presentation.

So I made like a punch and left. And in doing so, I didn't spend two hours stalled on Arroyo Boulevard.

I’m not the one on trial here. Unless Chepo whipped it out during the trophy presentation, I didn’t miss the story. And if I needed to applaud Mexico and congratulate them as worthy and obvious champions of North America, well, I have a blog in which I can do so.

Oh, I haven't actually done so yet? Well, how about that.

Although I am curious as to who presented the trophy for CONCACAF. Too late now, I guess.

But I see
Blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize
I’m going home

I’m going home

Well, time to focus on the Women’s World Cup! I hope we wear our stupid black uniforms.