Ethics Committee: Evidence Against Bin Hammam "Overwhelming" PLUS: Judge Shopping in the Bahamas

The report that was shown to Jack Warner a week ago has been leaked to BLOOMBURG and THE PRESS ASSOCIATION and, in surprisingly clear and unambiguous language it says that Bin Hammam handed out money in Port-of-Spain and called Jack Warner "an accessory to corruption"

The report, authored primarily by the Acting Ethics Committee Chairman Justice Petrus Damaseb of Namibia calls the evidence that bribery took place "comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming" and notes that “It appears rather compelling to consider that the actions of Bin Hammam constitute prima facie an act of bribery, or at least an attempt to commit bribery,”

Bin Hammam has issued a statement maintaining his innocence:

"There is nothing I can say more than I deny the allegations and insist that I have not done anything wrong during the special Congress at Trinidad."

I wish him luck with that line of defense.

And as long as we're doing old Flip Wilson routines today ("Here Come Da Judge") I thought I'd drop some info on another Man in Black Robes, the legendary Justice Stephen Isaacs of the Bahamian Supreme Court.

I know it's traditional but that wig? Really? How do you keep from laughing?

Isaacs, you will recall, is the guy who ruled that Our Man Lisle is President of CONCACAF but, as it turns out, he's somewhat...oh, what's the word here...."controversial" down in the islands.

Just a brief foray into the interwebs yielded these delightful quotes:

"Judge Stephen Isaacs, who some consider a menace to Bahamian society..."

"Judge Stephen Isaacs, who many feel is a corrupt bribe-taking fool..."

"Judge Isaacs, whose irresponsible decisions...."

"Isaacs, who is rumoured to live well beyond his means...."

"Another man accused of murder has been set free by a judge whose irresponsible actions have contributed to Nassau's outrageous crime levels. "

"In a travesty of justice, Issacs refused to allow police to challenge accusations of police brutality.. in a case that many Bahamians feel was nothing short of absolute corruption."

"Sentencing was ultimately postponed by an allegedly corrupt Judge Stephen Isaacs."

Say, you don't suppose that Austin/Warner took their case to a "corrupt bribe taking fool" on purpose do you?

Nah, couldn't be.

I figure that, based on the "CONCACAF is a Bahamian non-profit and therefore subject to Bahamian courts" theory, , Bin Hammam should race to Judge Isaacs' courtroom immediately.

I'm certain that His Honor would find BinnyMo's argument - delivered to his chambers in brown envelopes of course - extremely compelling.