The Caribbean Football Union Declares War on Blazer

As predictably as day following night, the thieves and grifters who run the Caribbean Football Union, faced with the loss of their undeserved power, unjustifiable perks and unearned paydays - in short, the end of the massive gravy train they've been gleefully riding all these years - are fighting back the only way they know how:

With slime.

The Captain and His Pal

Yesterday the CFU's Acting Dirtbag-in-Chief "Captain" Horace Burrell, a hopelessly corrupt thief, liar and close Jack Warner crony - but I repeat myself - filed a complaint with the FIFA Ethics Committee asking them to open an investigation of CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer.

You may recall that back on May 31 when Lisle "Moonbat" Austin announced that he was "firing" Blazer, among the stated reasons was that during the CONCACAF meeting just before the Presidential vote, the GenSec addressed the CFU representatives in attendance, reportedly telling them that they were all going to be looked at by the Ethics investigators based on the possibility that all of them had been given $40,000 in cash during the infamous Port-of-Spain meeting.

Austin felt this was an outrage because it fell outside of Blazers' purview as General Secretary to make statements of that sort. Granted, it seems obvious that a) as an ExCo member he was simply passing along a warning and 2) he was not accusing anyone of anything, he was simply stating a fact, ie. that the committee was going to be looking at each of them.

We hadn't heard much about that particular piece of stupidity since that day, but now 11 members of the CFU have dragged it back out, dressed it up with as much imaginary horseshit as it can carry and sent it along to FIFA in the hope that they can deflect some heat from themselves with a few "FIFA Investigates Blazer" headlines.

The complaint, forwarded through the auspices of Burrells' Jamaica FA and co-signed by ten other feds, claims that Blazer

a) Told the meeting that Burrell could not be named as an acting vice-President (taking Lisle Austins' spot) because "he is under investigation as to his involvement into activities that took place at the special meeting of the CFU."

By doing so, the complaint states, Blazer "violated" Burrells' "personal rights".

b) "flouted the principle of a natural or legal person being innocent before being proven guilty" when he told the CFU members:

"What you should realize is that half of those who are speaking are under investigation… in fact, all of you are under investigation."


...wait for it.....

c) "discriminated against Capt Burrell and certain members of the CONCACAF through his contemptuous and denigratory words since all the persons who were singled out were of a specific race".

What, you thought these guys had something like scruples? Really?

Now I'm no lawyer - Allah be praised - but even a dunderhead like me can see that in (a) and (b) Blazer was simply stating facts which he was aware of because he'd just been to an ExCo meeting:

Burrell was (and is) "under investigation" and, as such, is not eligible to take a CONCACAF office. It's not an opinion, it's a statement of fact.

And nobody can actually believe that telling someone that they are being investigated violates the presumption of innocence. It's simply ludicrous.

As for (c), well, if all of the representatives who went to T&T are black, and everyone who attended is being - properly I might add - looked at by the Ethics Committee, then who else was Blazer supposed to direct his comments to? The Canadian?

Of course, Burrell isn't stupid; he's a despicable thug, a shameless thief and a greedy bastard but he's got a brain and he knows this stuff isn't going to fly.

But if he can get some "Blazer Investigated by Ethics Committee" headlines into circulation and simultaneously use the lowest common denominator to rally the Caribbean football community behind him in his battle with the racist American Chuck Blazer, then he's happy.

And if it helps him accomplish his ultimate goal - the Caribbean seat on the ExCo - then so much the better. He'd run over his mother in a truck.

For his part, Blazer sounds unconcerned, which he should be. He's done nothing wrong and I doubt the Ethics Committee will waste 20 minutes on this garbage, particularly because Burrell can't seem to com up with one single FIFA Ethics Code rule that Blazer had violated.

"I have received an inquiry from the secretary of the Ethics Committee to respond to a complaint filed by the Jamaica Football Federation.

"I have no concerns about this and everything will be answered properly to the ethics committee." he says.

Of more interest than the specific and laughable "charges" is what appears to be the steady erosion of Burrells' support within the CFU.

You'll recall that originally Lisle Austin sent FIFA a statement from 18 CFU members denying that they had been given money.

Last week, Austin was claiming that 13 CFU members denied getting cash.

Then, a couple of days ago, INSIDE WORLD FOOTBALL quoted a FIFA source as saying that "my understanding is that there are at least four more" previous bribery deniers who have now admitted to Director Freehs' investigators that they accepted money, adding:

"It could be as many as six."

So if all Burrell can come up with today is 11 (including himself), and the numbers are so bad that he has to write to FIFA in his role as President of the Jamaica FA rather than as acting President of the CFU, then it's clear the noose is tightening and an awful lot of rats have jumped overboard in an attempt to save themselves.

(SkySports - link from eagle-eyed BS loyalist patricksp - says SAYS "the letter sent by the CFU to Fifa is supported by the majority of the union's 25 members".

Maybe. But a) I know for a fact that it was NOT a "CFU" letter but a letter from the Jamaican fed, b) there are actually 30 CFU members, not 25 and c) since there were only 22 countries in attendance they're the only ones with standing to file this complaint)

There is of course a hard core of guys who will never admit to accepting the money no matter what; Jack Warner put them in office and kept them in office ad they have no place else to go.

But the cold hard fact is this:

If the Ethics committee now has statements from anything close to half of the 22 federations who were there admitting to the cash envelopes the jig is up. All the heated rhetoric, all the ludicrous "racism" charges - whatever else Blazer may or may not be ultimately accountable for, calling him a racist is patently absurd - and all the phony, trumped up, baseless "Ethics charges" against this or that person aren't going to change it.

The only question - after, of course, the committee tosses this complaint out with the rest of the garbage - is whether Burrell and the rest of the signees end up paying a price for steadfastly refusing to admit to something that everyone knows is true.

I truly believe that these guys are underestimating the mood in Zurich; the whole world is howling for blood and if these guys want to go ahead and paint bulls eyes on their own chests, then they're making the job much simpler.