"Uncle Jack" Redux: "He Get a Bouncer from Mr. Blazer, Whose First Name Happen to be Chuck"

There's just so much hilarity going on this weekend, and I have a massive Lisle "Little Napoleon" Austin update on the way, but I simply have to share the latest Calypso hit from "Sweet T&T" by our own beloved Karene Asche, who has done an update to her prize winning song "Uncle Jack".

No video available at the moment, but HERE'S AN AUDIO FILE courtesy of Andrew Jennings.

(Since everybody knows that my technical skills end at the on switch, if someone can tell me how to put a direct link on the page here, that'd be great.)

If they don't hire this woman to do the halftime show at the All Star Game instead of, say, Selena Gomez and the Scene, I'm leading a boycott.

And since Calypso is the music of joy, go ahead and dance, my friends. Maybe it will help you forget that appalling USA performance last night.

Can't hurt.

The recording is pretty clear, but here are some of the lyrics:

It was a year after de election,
As they celebrating their success,
There came de strangest allegation,
T&T name calling in commess;
CNN describe,
Skulduggery and bribe,
Going down in sweet Trinidad;
People say they shame,
For their country’s name,
In de bacchanal,
Who name you think call… eh?

We own Vice President of FIFA,
(Uncle Jack)
The most peculiar Works Minister,
(Uncle Jack)
They did raise all kinda talk bout Ethics,
(Uncle Jack)
But Senior Counsel say, “No Conflict”;
(Uncle Jack);
Well once more football,
Mixed up with bobol,
PNM start to crow,
Hear dem … Didn’t we tell you so …
(Uncle Jack)!

According to England’s Lord Triesman,
FIFA is corrupt as a rule,
When they went down to de Caribbean,
He say Warner ask him to build a school;
Jack in his defence,
Ask – Where de evidence,
These allegations are most unfair;
De school came up …but,
When I showed them the spot,
The intent was clear,
I thought they would volunteer …

And before Warner could recover,
One more thunderbolt he had to duck,
He get a bouncer from Mr. Blazer,
Whose first name just happen to be “Chuck”;
Chuck raise an alarm,
How Jack and Bin Hammam,
Offered delegates bout 40 grand;
Hear him – “the man is my friend,
But this corruption must end”,
But Warner declare,
“all yuh ent find de timing queer?”

“I doh want to prejudice de matter,
(Uncle Jack)
But de timing perfect for Sepp Blatter”
(Uncle Jack)
They summon him promptly up to Zurich,
(Uncle Jack)
Just imagine Fifa know bout Ethics;
Against him they gang,
But his Jack they cannot hang,
So people stay tune,
He say a tsunami coming soon … (Uncle Jack)!

Well Trini when they hear de scandal,
The accusations they just dismiss,
They say this whole ting smellin political,
Cooked up by Blazer and de Swiss;
And England movin mean,
Cause they didn’t get 2018,
So that bribery talk is “sour grapes”;
Chuck Blazer of course,
Want to be Concacaf boss,
So Jack ent corrupt,
Is set they set him up…

(Uncle Jack)
With garlands and flowers yes they greet him,
(Uncle Jack)
He tell dem, no, he not resignin,
(Uncle Jack)
In the battlefield, is where you’ll find him;
With tassa and drum,
He get a hero’s welcome,
This man is de best,
He deserve a “S” on his chest ….
(Uncle Jack)!!!

Blatter must be stopped
(Uncle Jack)
Then just so flip flop,
(Uncle Jack)
But is not he who say
(Uncle Jack)
Yesterday was yesterday…
(Uncle Jack)!
Just before the vote,
(Uncle Jack)
Fifa buss he throat,
(Uncle Jack)
We boy they suspend
(Uncle Jack)
Some say is de end … for
(Uncle Jack)!