When Will They Learn?

I guess I should have known better. The second game of the Gold Cup has been the genesis for some kind of Mexican crisis, each more serious the last. In 2007, Mexico lost to Honduras and Cuauhtémoc Blanco was red carded. Two years ago, Javier Aguirre was red carded and subsequently suspended another 3 games after kicking a Panamanian player on the sidelines.

And, of course, this year we have the doping scandal. It just wouldn’t be the Gold Cup without some kind of calamity for Mexico. Makes me wonder what they will do in 2013 to top this.

I should have known better. I figured I can have the afternoon to myself. I had seen first hand the harmonious atmosphere in the team, so I spent the day in the analog bliss of the golf course. No cell phones, no communication, no nada. It was just me alone and the repeated affirmation that I suck at golf.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got the car was to re-tether to the digital world. I had to know what I had been missing.

I am not going to lie; my initial reaction was contempt and disgust.

Not again.

I am sure that most people around here think the toughest moment of my life as a fan of the Tri happened in 2002. It did suck, but nothing can compare to waking up in 1988 and seeing the words “FIFA disqualifies Mexico from World Cup” on the front page of the Sports Day section of the Dallas Morning News. Mexico’s indiscretions cost them a chance at what turned out to be a very weak world cup, and wasted Hugo Sanchez when he was at the absolute pinnacle of his career. So you would think that after a catastrophe like that, Femexfut would make damn sure that life on the straight and narrow was the only life for them.

Not so.

Six years ago, Mexico beat Brazil, 1-0, in the 2005 Confederations Cup. But that moment of glory was tainted by two players who tested positive and a federation that tried to cover it up.

There was no cover up this time. Femexfut was forthcoming with the positive results from tests they administered. These were neither Concacaf or Fifa-sanctioned tests. They had no choice but to drive the narrative. The five players, Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodr