Chicharito Gets a Hat-trick

Javier Hernandez drew the biggest cheers of the night

ARLINGTON, TX – As I was leaving Cowboys stadium, I asked one of the attendants “does it get that loud during Cowboys games?”

“No.” She answered.

“What about the Super Bowl?”

“Not even close.”

Even before the game started, the loudest cheers were reserved for one man. The majority of the 80,000+ fans in Cowboys Stadium wanted to see him do what he has done all year.

He gave them what they wanted.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez got Mexico’s first hat trick in almost 15 years, leading Mexico to a 5-0 win over El Salvador. For the second straight Gold Cup game, all five of Mexico’s goals came in the second half.

The first half was a different story completely. The cuscatlecos pressed Mexico into mistakes for most of the 45 minutes. They did not even have a shot on goal. The plan seemed to be working, and the boys in blue almost got rewarded for their efforts just as the second half kicked off. Not bad for a team whose coach had just signed on a month ago.


Ten minutes later, Mexico got their first. Twelve minutes after that, Hernandez had their fourth, and his second. He finished his hat trick with a penalty kick a la “Panenka.”

True to form, though, Chicharito downplayed his accomplishments. “I have always said that here it is always a team effort. It does not matter who scores the goals. Tonight Mexico won 5-0.” And even though he appreciates the adoration, Javier reminded the fans that there are other players on the pitch. “I am not going to get tired of saying it, but I appreciate the fans support, but this is a team game. Don’t come just to see me. Come to root for Mexico. That is much more important.”

Easier said than done, Javier.


The games at the Death Star will be the only ones played on field turf for this edition of the Gold Cup. And that is a good thing. There is a noticeable increase in the amount of funny bounces that occur during a match, not to mention the number of players that have a hard time finding their footing. Cowboys Stadium is a popular venue for those for the Euro clubs’ pre-season tours. Barcelona, in fact, will be visiting in August. They bring in the real stuff for those. It is high time the real stuff is rolled out for official matches as well.