FIFA Congress Convenes in Zurich

Hail, hail, the gangs all here.

You have to give Lisle Austin credit.

Most politicians are in office a year or two before everyone realizes what a disgusting bag of crap they are.

But Austin has been in office for roughly three days and every soccer fan in North America already knows he's a bag of crap.

It has to be some kind of record.

Austin responded to Chuck Blazers' "You can't fire me" message with a letter of his own, and it's a classic:

Blazer’s termination legal

I have been made aware of a statement from CONCACAF Media Relations purporting that my actions to terminate Chuck Blazer as General Secretary in my capacity as President (Ag) of CONCACAF were unauthorized. It is instructive to note that the authority of the President to terminate Mr. Blazer rests in the CONCACAF Statutes and was taken after legal advice had been sort. (sic)

Article 29 of the CONCACAF Statutes states, “The President has the judicial and extrajudicial representation of CONCACAF.” Moreover, the Executive Committee has no authority to convene a meeting without having the said meeting called and chaired by the President as articulated by Article 29 which confirms that “The President shall preside over the meetings of the Congress, of the Executive Committee, of the Emergency Committee and of the Committees.”

The presence of four (4) Executive Committee members in the hotel room of Mr. Blazer does not constitute an Executive Committee meeting.

The response from the CONCACAF Media Relations is not only the fruit of illegal actions on the part of Mr. Blazer who is no longer the General Secretary, but is tantamount to trespassing since, the unauthorized use of CONCACAF’s services and equipment by non-CONCACAF staff is unlawful.

I can assure you that this is my final statement on this matter , I will not allow myself or this organization to dragged into a tit for tat war in the public domain. The reputation of this organization has suffered immensely over the last two weeks .

In my earlier statement , I called on the membership to heal the wounds my hope is that we can once again look upon each other without mistrust or prejudice.

Our Confederation has suffered and let us move toward a brighter future from this moment.

Lisle Austin
President (Ag.)

He's been in office since Sunday and he's already a master of the official FIFA conflict resolution style: smear hell out of someone, then say you're tired of him being so divisive and make a plea for "unity" which is another word for "everybody now shut up and do as I say".

The "four men in a hotel room" line refers to the gathering of CONCACAF ExCo members that backed Blazers' position.

They were:

Sunil Gulati: USA
Alfredo Hawit: Honduras
Ariel Alvaredo: Panama
Guillermo Canedo: Mexico

Note that the ExCo normally consists of seven members. With Warner suspended, it is now six.

So the only member who is not backing Blazer, aside from Lisle, is Horace Burrell, a disgusting Warner toadie from Jamaica.

Put another way, the entire North and Central American contingent has divorced itself from the entire Caribbean contingent, and if that's the only positive that comes out of this mess, well, it's good enough for now.

As a footnote, Blazer not only is not vacating the Trump Tower offices in which Austin insists he is now "trespassing" but he's also NOT CUTTING TIES with Collins & Collins, as Austin ordered him to do.

The first order of business was a ludicrous speech from Sepp Blatter. wherein he described himself as the Captain of the ship.

I'm thinking Exxon Valdez.

[ame=""]YouTube - ‪Sepp Blatter: Fifa ship is in troubled waters‬‏[/ame]

Sepps' plea for "dignity", "fair play" "decency" and "mutual respect" was immediately followed by an address from the despicable Argentine Julio Grondona, he of the $78 million bribe from Qatar to pay off the AFAs' debts.

He savagely RIPPED INTO ENGLAND in one of the most remarkable attacks imaginable:

"Grondona said England is "where the insults and the problems come from."

"We always have attacks from England which are mostly lies with the support of journalism which is busy lying rather than telling the truth"

He continued: "It looks like England always has something to complain about" and claimed the real problem is that England has never got over losing the presidency of FIFA in 1974:

"It looks like this country didn't like it and goes on not liking it, and it doesn't show good will"

"Will you please leave the FIFA family alone. Say what you have to say but with truth. Say it clearly and without upsetting our family."

This utterly insulting slap in the face was delivered immediately after Englands' proposal to postpone the Presidential vote was overwhelmingly defeated by the Congress.