Austin to Blazer: "You're Fired"

And the hits just keep on coming.

Interim CONCACAF President Lisle Austin has sent a letter to Chuck Blazer informing him that he has been "terminated as general secretary of Concacaf with immediate effect".

Blatter, Warner and Blazer at the CONCACAF Congress, May 7, 2011

The only problem seems to be that, according to THIS LINK provided by famed stupidface Hard Hat Mike, CONCACAF rules specify that "it is the executive committee that has jurisdiction over Blazer", and "not only has the executive committee taken no action, but a majority of committee members have told Lisle Austin he lacked the authority to fire Blazer".

What's more, Our Man Chuck obviously still has control of the CONCACAF website, a theory proven by THIS HEADLINE which appeared almost immediately on the Confederation website:


The post states:

"Today an unauthorized declaration was made by Lisle Austin attempting to remove Chuck Blazer as General Secretary of CONCACAF.

This attempted action was taken without any authority. Under the CONCACAF Statutes, jurisdiction over the General Secretary rests solely with the CONCACAF Executive Committee which has taken no action. Further a majority of the Executive Committee Members have advised Mr. Austin that he does not have the authority to take such action.

Chuck Blazer continues as CONCACAF General Secretary and with the full authority of his office. The Confederation continues its normal operations including the Gold Cup commencing on June 5th at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas."

Just when you rhought this whole deal couldn't get any wierder.

Of course, this follows a day in which Jack Warner, suspended by the Ethics Committee from having anything to do with FIFA business, ordered CONCACAF members to vote for Sepp Blatter, the man he said less than 12 hours ago "must be stopped".

In fact, as BigSoccer stalwart dsnipes1 passed along earlier today, A SOCCERNET REPORT quotes Blazer saying:

''We have clear evidence of a violation of his suspension and we have reported that to the FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke. He has also been meeting with [CONCACAF] members, which is against the rules of the suspension.''

A few hours later, Mohammad Bin Hammam, the other FIFA Vice President who has been ordered not to pariticpate in FIFA business, told AFC members not to boycott the Congress tomorrow, but rather to show up and vote for Sepp Blatter, the man who he has been comparing to Satan.

Both men are clearly in violation of the Ethics Committee suspension order, which is in itself an ethics violation.

FIFA has no comment.

Which could very well mean that the two old bastards have cut a deal whereby Blatter gets the votes Warner "carries around in his pocket like so many nickels and dimes" and Blatter gets him reinstated somehow. Or maybe not. Or maybe they're both secretly working for the forces of International Freemasonry, bent on enslaving the worlds' football players for secret breeding purposes.

Is there really any explanation that's too bizarre to be possible any more?

Meanwhile, one capital idea is being puit forward by THE HEAD OF THE DANISH FA who wants Interpol to investigate FIFA from top to bottom and arrange for some of these corruptocrats to live in steel cells for a spell.

“Football and FIFA have a two-sided problem. You have the cases in which the evidence is at hand or you can get it, like with [former FIFA ExCo members] Adamu and Tamarii. In these cases the internal bodies of FIFA can take over at once. But we fall short when we need to undertake a real investigation and produce the proof. We do not have the required police authority."

Like I said, a capital idea.

It's looking more and more likely that in the end the only guy who's going to take a fall for all of this is Chuck Blazer.

Of course.