AFC Boycotting FIFA Congress, Leaving Zurich in Protest; England Requests Vote Postponement

The rumblings from Asian Football Confederation members began immediately after the Ethics Committee decisions on Saturday,

Blatter angrily stomps out of his media appearance yesterday in Zurich

They were outraged that poor, innocent old Mary Poppins Bin Hammam was being treated so shabbily by FIFA.

Bin Hammams' deputy at the AFC - and thus the guy designated to fill his spot - is Zhang Jilong of China, who MADE IT CLEAR that not only do they feel Binny got a raw deal but that "FIFA has no right to prevent him from acting (in) his role in the AFC".

Sri Lanka's Manilal Fernando told the AFP that "Sri Lanka still supports bin Hammam and he is still the best", and BigSoccer lifer Matt the Hat PASSES ALONG word from Yousuf al Serkal, the AFC vice-president from the UAE, that “Bin Hammam has been mistreated".

Today comes word that in fact a fair (though undetermined) number of them are refusing to participate in Wednesdays' voting at all and ARE HEADED HOME, with one official who declined to be quoted by name saying:

"I can tell you that so far delegates from nine or 10 federations have gone home after arriving here.

"There is a deep sense of outrage amongst all of the delegates I have spoken to about the actions of the FIFA ethics committee. They have exceeded their mandate."

It's also known that several Asian members intend to stage a walkout from the meeting hall just prior to the balloting, which brings up an interesting idea which is making the rounds.

Since the agenda for the Congress has been officially established by the Syndicate - excuse me, I mean the Executive Committee - it would take 3/4 of the members voting to change it for FIFA to postpone the vote, which seems unlikely although ENGLANDS' FA HAS JUST INTRODUCED AN OFFICIAL PROPOSAL to do just that.

However, it's also possible - and slightly easier - to deny the Congress a quorum. The number making the rounds is 140 but I confess that I have no Earthly idea where that came from.

If you start with the 46 members of the AFC you're headed in the right direction. Just saying.

The Australians are taking a different tack:

Since the World Cup bidding process was hopelessly fraudulent and they never actually had a chance to win, THEY WANT THIER MONEY BACK

Funny how the only national federation with nothing whatever to say is the USSF isn't it?

For his part, Captain Dreyfus - I mean, Bin Hammam - who you will recall dropped out of the race prior to his suspension, is now demanding that THE COMMITTEE MEET ON TUESDAY to resolve the investigation so that he can go back on the ballot.

This is the most gob-smackingly shameless bunch of thieves, crooks and liars in the world. It's beyond belief.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jack (PAY THE WARRIORS!) seems to have gotten his second wind as well, and is now saying that "Blatter must be stopped" and is referring to his oldest and closest ally and confidant as "Blazer" and calling him "an employee".

[ame=""]YouTube - ‪Fifa executive Jack Warner: Sepp Blatter must be stopped‬‏[/ame]

The intriguing thing is the new "Blazer is an employee" meme, but his use of it gives away the game:

It's exactly the theme that Lisle Austin employed yesterday when he claimed that Blazer had no right to contact CONCACAF's attorney without board approval.

It's astonishing: when Lisle speaks you can barely see jack Warners' lips move.

And of course the proceedings against Warner, chaired by an internationally respected high court jurist, was nothing but a "kangaroo court".

How are his lapdog media toadies back home playing all of this? Simple: JACKS' BEEN CLEARED OF CHARGES AND CLAIMS VICTORY.

I hope you didn't miss Sepp Blatters' defiant, obnoxious and utterly unrepentant media appearance yesterday, but if you did and don't feel like slogging through the whole thing on, here's a taste:

[ame=""]YouTube - ‪'There is no crisis', says Fifa president‬‏[/ame]

The man truly believes that it's all over now. He'll be re-elected on Wednesday, he and his disgustingly crooked cabal of cronies will go back to running the game and you and I can go to hell.

Heartwarming, isn't it? You can go ahead and kiss his ass.

More as it happens today.