BlatterBlogging: Seppy Meets the Press

*Note: Check out the photo BS Legend Bootsy Collins just posted in the comment thread!

Same damned music, different day.

I don't expect Audioslave or Deathcab for Cutie, but these guys are sitting on a pile estimated at $1.23 billion and all they can afford to play is "Music to Have Dental Work Done By"?

If you can stand it, go to and toggle around until you see the tab that reads "I Win, Mo loses and I Don't Have to Cover for Jack Any More".

It's not that I don't have some sympathy for Sepp; I'm thinking that the Nobel Prize he's been angling for is pretty well down the crapper now. Gotta be hard for the old boy.

Is it too early to do one of those drinking games? Maybe something like, every time Blatter says "Change" "Transparency" or "Democracy" take a belt.

On the other hand, if he uses the term "Resignation" you get to chug the whole bottle.

Either way, Justice Damaseb is a really tough act to follow. There are some pretty sharp people who would look like babbling idiots compared to him.

15 minutes late and counting.

Maybe the Executive Committee meeting dissolved into a massive brawl, with old men rolling around on the floor pummeling each other. My moneys' on Blazer.

CONCACAF has posted THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of Warners' suspension, but not a single word about his replacement. It should be Lisle Austin of Barbados but they apparently don't want to say so.

30 minutes and counting.

You know, that photo got me thinking: even if they only brought enough cash for 22 countries there was almost $900,000 in cash laying around there.

Here's Seppy!!

He's boldly performing solo, he says.

I can't think of anyone who'd want to stand next to him.

He "regrets" what's gone on. No shit.

The ExCo is "Pleased" and "happy" that there's not enough evidence in the Triesman charges.

World Cup 2022 "is not touched".

Incredible! The whole world is angry about what's been going on and Blatter has covered it all in five minutes and is now talking about the Club World Cup.

Glad we have all that corruption stuff behind us now.

Goal projects for CONCACAF!!! Yippeee!!!!

Bosnia is back in the family. What a relief. Now that big friendly with Pogo-Pogo can go on.

Reuters: A Warner question. He won't bite.

CCTV: A Change and Reform question. Blatter has some ideas he has "exposed" to the ExCo. One of them is "zero tolerance" of dissent.

Yeah, that's what she was talking about all right.

He says the problem is "communication". Also "solidarity".

No mention of "greed" "theft" or "bribery".

Wow, the old boy is feisty today. He really thinks this is over.

Now he's quibbling with a reporter over the meaning of "crisis".

FIFA is NOT having a crisis, just "some difficulties"

Qatar/Valcke question: "I do not answer this question"

Someone is shouting at Blatter. Can't hear what he's saying.

"We're not in a bazaar here, we're in the FIFA house"

I'm having bumper stickers made.

BBC: This should be good.

Question about postponing the election.

Credit Sepp: he's not laughing out loud.

He says 3/4 majority can postpone

Reuters: How does Sepp feel personally about running unopposed now that Bin Hammam is out?

Blatter: "You should ask him"

What a performance. The man is shameless.

Sky SPorts hits him between the eyes. He ducks.

Daily Telegraph" Qatar question. Was it clean?

He says they did it the same way they always do it, so it's fine.

FIFA Reputation question: He's going to pretend the question is about gambling.


An African reporter: Blatter will be much more respectful.

A softball about he ExCo trusting each other.

Blatter says he doesn't pick the ExCo.

So, i guess, he can't be blamed?

Press Association: A question about Algeria????

I bet Blatter sends him a bouquet. His relief is almost palpable.

Bottom line: Blatter is going back to business as usual.

Someone trying to yell a question, Blatter is blowing it off.

A PR disaster, Sepp.

Not that he cares.

They're translating the question, Blatter refuses to answer more questions.

Reporter still shouting.

Blatter won't talk to "people who like to create problems".

Sepp is now getting angry.

Now they've cut te mike.

What a BOFFO FINISH!!!!!