LiveBlogging the FIFA Media Conference UPDATE: Warner, Bin Hammam suspended Blatter Walks

Scheduled for noon (or rather 6 PM Central European Time), it's a couple minutes after and they're playing elevator music.

I say that because it's not nearly as "get busy spending money" upbeat as mall music, nor as pop oriented as the grocery store stuff.

Really sort of simulated waterfall, psychiatrist office, "please put down the knife, Sir" white noise. Probably a CD entitled "music to bore yourself senseless with".

Whew. Here we go. I was worried that I'd have to talk about the music some more.

Valcke looks suicidal.

Justice Damaseb is talking now.

He's very eloquent for someone for whom English is clearly not his first language.

He's talking about the "timing" issue, basically telling everyone that they can stuff it.

Only four other members participated. Murray of Australia was one of them.

He's reviewing the charges against Bin Hammam, and saying that the charges came from Blazer.

He then says that Bin Hammam fingered Blatter. He still hasn't mentioned Warner.

Correction, yes he has, I'm just not picking it up through his pronunciation.

He says the two CFU minnows were offered free transportation on FIFAs' dime but they declined to attend. They were also offered the chance to testify via telephone and declined that as well.

He's speaking entirely extemporaneously. Very impressive.

He's saying that their job was not to determine guilt or innocence but rather to determine whether a rules violation seems credible.

Reading from the Rulebook, he seems to be laying the groundwork for a temporary, "provisional" suspension based on the "appearance" of infringement.

He says the "low threshold" is whether it "appears" an infraction has occurred.

Here we go:

he says they determined that there is "a case to b answered" by the two minnows, Bin Hammam and Warner, and a formal hearing will be held at a later date.

Now he's discussing a provisional suspension, in order to prevent "interference" with the investigation, which will be ongoing.

Now he's talking about Blatter.

This guy is impressive as hell.

Blatter will walk.

Basically, he's saying that even if Blatter had heard something he had no evidence of wrongdoing ad thus had no obligation to report it.

Blatter says Warner told him the meetings were going to take place and money was going to be passed out and told him not to do it.

Warner says there was no such conversation.

Bin Hammam is banned from FIFA activity until the ethics committee finishes their investigation.

Warner gets the same, as do his two minions.

Justice Torres (Guam) will lead the investigation and will appoint independent forensic professionals to "assist" in the investigation.

He's estimating 30 days.

He's now carefully emphasizing that while he'll take questions on process, but as far as the charges there isn't much he can say.

Valcke just took the floor and read a just received statement from a CFU member acknowledging that they too had received $40,000 at the meeting:

It was PUERTO RICO!!!! Welcome aboard.

Reporter is asking about investigation of those who "received" the money as well.

Answer: they can only investigate matters which are referred to them, and the individual recipients have so far not been referenced to the committee.

If they are, then they will be looked into.

Valcke is now saying that the election will go forward. The Executive Committee will decide the process, but it's a go.

Blatter is back.

Valcke was asked if there is a mechanism for postponing the election if it's proposed.

He says 3/4 of the members would have to vote to change the official congress agenda as published.