To DVR or not to DVR

What would you do if you ran into this dilemma?

You will not be able to watch the Champions League Final live tomorrow.

This happened to me last year during the World Cup final, but luckily the engineer drew on his compassion and patched the game into the TV truck I was on. I watched the final on a 5 inch B&W. Very retro.

What if you have a social function that guarantees there is no way you can watch the game?

Will you keep up on your cell phone via twitter, or any other gamecast?

Would you excuse yourself to go to restroom every five minutes? Will you wonder why all of a sudden there is a great big burst of cheers faintly echoed from the sports bar blocks away?

Or would you just put the tech blinders on and watch the DVR recording when you get home?

Truth be told, soccer is a much easier sport, at least in the USA, to avoid if you do not want to see a result. It would not be that hard to make yourself oblivious to the outcome of the game until you got home, concocted your libation of choice, sat down and give the game your full attention for the next two hours.

Did you remember to add an hour in case there was extra time, or even (egad) penalties?

But it’s just not the same watching it on tape. The temptation to blast through some of the mid-field slogging is palpable. Sometimes, I’ll even FF until I see the score change, and then back up to see what happened. You can get through a futbol game pretty quickly doing that.

But a mid-season match day is not the Champions League Final, I would tell myself. I’ll make sure not to cheat the game by condensing it into a twenty minute speed session. But then Biscuits and Pedro go into their “this is the most painful leg whip in the history of sport that I feel it all the way in my cheeks” act, and you just can’t take another minute.

Hit the FF.

So if there was no way for you to watch the game tomorrow. If your sister-in-law did not consult you or even bother to look at the calendar before setting a date for her wedding (how selfish of her! It’s almost as bad as the cash bar. And I still don’t get people scheduling weddings on Texas-OU weekend, but alas).

Do you have the discipline to wait until you get home and have the game unfold before your eyes, albeit 7 hours later?